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  • Chestermere Taxi – Your Neighbourhood Taxi

    Chestermere Taxi owner

    Chestermere Taxi owner Zack Tovernic with fellow drivers Daniel Duclos and Luka Tovernic

    CHESTERMERE – There is no shortage of taxi cabs in Chestermere like there is in Calgary, although that might be a nice problem to have according to Zack Tovernic, the owner of Chestermere Taxi. Tovernic set up his taxi company in 2005 and they are the only local Taxi company serving Chestermere, Delacour, Conrich, Langdon and surrounding areas. He prides himself and fellow drivers as always being on time if you have pre-booked a ride. He has 4 nice vehicles, two of them being executive sedans. I think the back seat in the sedan would almost be like sitting in a living room without a coffee table (lots of leg room). He has a number of regular clientele that need to go to the airport as often as several times a week and he values those customers greatly and gives them a discount. He wants people to know he is there for you if you need a ride to go to a doctor’s appointment or just get the kids to school if their usual ride is not there. Tovernic does something I think is quite special too. Say you’re going on a winter trip to the tropics and to my way of thinking the last thing you want to store away in your luggage is a winter coat; well Tovernic will hold on to your coat in his closet until you return, your nice warm coat to put on at the airport. Not only that, he will ask you what you take in your coffee and he’ll provide one for you for your early morning journey to the airport. That’s pretty special.
    His rates are less expensive than the Calgary cabs fares and he also offers flat rates in some cases. His drivers, including himself, have years of experience and great safety records. Chestermere Taxi offers personalized door to door, safe, reliable and trustworthy taxi service for all your transportation needs.
    Call or Text 403-714-TAXI (8294) or book ahead on line at http://chestermeretaxi.com