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  • Sharp Edge Barber Shop

    CHESTERMERE – Sharp Edge Barber Shop is one of the newest shops in the strip mall located on Rainbow Road and Rainbow Falls Drive. Kitty corner from the Mac’s on the very end of the mall is a hidden gem and a long lost technique seldom seen except in some old western movies.
    The owner, Kaz, (who likes to go by only one name- hey Sting and Madonna can do it), has only been open for a month now and says his clientele is steadily building. He has been in the hair styling business for about 8 years and among some of his accomplishments has placed 3rd in an ABA model styling contest in Calgary. Besides giving an excellent haircut, of which I can attest to, Kaz has a couple of regulars that come in for his unique treatment of a straight razor shave.
    The clean shave begins shortly after you sit down in one of his comfy barber chairs and you lean back for a treatment long lost to our busier life style. First applied to your face is warm oil; this opens up your skin pores, then he’ll wrap a hot towel around your 5 o’clock shadow. Ah how soothing is this; while still leaning back after enjoying the hot towel, he spreads a layer of warm shave cream to prepare your skin for the shave of a lifetime. This opens your pores even more – like a lemon opens up your taste buds.
    But wait, there’s more; the cream is removed and another hot towel is wrapped about your mug as the follicles are weakening under the concentrated attention to your face. Your pores are wide open now and he removes the towel, then slathers on another layer of shaving cream. Then with precise accuracy he begins to shave the face you have been looking at in the mirror all these years.
    The straight razor shave will rejuvenate your skin removing a fine layer of dead skin. When they say – smooth as a babies butt, you can rest assured this is spot-on.
    This is a barber shop, and a good one, where the prices are excellent. If you don’t think a man needs to be pampered every now and then, think again because once you’ve been there and done that, you’ll be back.
    The Sharp Edge Barber Shop is located at Bay 101, 320 Westcreek Drive and is open Tuesday to Friday 10 AM – 7 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM, Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM, Closed Mondays. No appointment necessary but if you need to call, the number is 403-569-8183. Follow the Sharp Edge Barber Shop on Facebook. The Grand Opening will be announced in the near future.