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  • We Love Tea, Great Tea…Tea-Kea Bar Inc.


    Where their mantra is “Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it.”
    We Love Tea, Great Tea…Tea-Kea Bar. Located in the newly renovated section of the Crossroads Market in Calgary, a short drive from Chestermere, you will find a fine assortment of fresh, quality imported loose teas from around the world…at affordable prices.

    Shelley, a resident of Chestermere and owner of Tea-Kea Bar, remarks on the importance of providing quality goods with first-rate and knowledgeable service – without the large corporate overhead. “Our goal is to offer you premium loose leaf tea and tea-ware that best suit your needs, at affordable prices.”

    With over 150+ varieties of loose leaf tea, and all at the same price point, you’re sure to find something you love. The price starts at $7.00/50 gram pouch or 3 pouches for $20, and gets more economical from there the more you purchase. Our customers love the fact that you know up front what you’ll be paying, no surprises.

    The staff at Tea-Kea Bar can teach you how to brew that perfect cup, with things like water quality, temperature, steeping time, tea quantity, multiple infusions and storage of your product.

    Special Orders are our specialty. At the bigger chain stores you can purchase what they have on the shelf, but here at Tea-Kea Bar, if we don’t have it, we can blend it, or find a supplier for you. At this point we draw products from about 25 wholesale suppliers. “We want to be different than everybody else, and have those unique products no one else does.” That being said, “We have all the regular teas too, things like Earl Grey’s, Sencha Green’s, Pu-erh, Rooibos and the like.”

    Find Your Flavor…An Aroma Station is set up where you can take a whiff of any or all of the fabulous tea varieties to uncover your favorite flavors. Shelley believes in customer service and provides a friendly and comfortable ambiance. “What better way to choose your teas than to be able to smell the aroma, at your own leisure. We also offer a variety of hot and cold tea samples daily.”

    Shelley remarks: “I wanted to try something different, and have always loved tea, but sometimes I couldn’t find the mix that I wanted and the prices were not reasonable for my preferred blends. This was my chance to offer the best of both, a great variety to choose from at a great price.” Shelley explains. “I love to talk with people and really enjoy knowing that my teas are select and can be offered competitively.”

    This is a family-owned venture which brings a personal aspect to the business. Shelley works alongside her family and offers youth employment which provides a great opportunity for the younger generation to learn and appreciate the lavish assortment of teas that come from around the world. With her children in mind, this is a place where they can work and have a vested interest in the family business as well as learn firsthand what it means to own and run your own business.

    Tea-Kea Bar’s on-line store can be found at http://tea-kea-bar.ca . Owner Shelley remarks “it’s nothing fancy – just a place where you can put your comfy cloths on, curl up on the couch, brows and order your tea and tea-ware.” We also offer $3/per delivery door to door drop-off to our fellow Chestermere residents. Tea-Kea Bar is also on facebook.

    Open Fridays through Sundays; make your next weekend market experience to include a visit at the Tea-Kea Bar. Enjoy tea samples, sniff the variety of fragrant aromas, and browse the large selection of products and high quality loose teas to take home to enjoy, hot or cold. Our friendly tea experts are there to help you find the finest teas and tea accessories that best suit your taste. We urge customers to appreciate loose-leaf tea as you do fine quality wine.