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    Langdon Just Got Sweeter

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    The charming ‘My Bakery Shop’ located in Langdon, AB has yummy treats for every occasion

    As its states right on the wall of this brand new bakery, “I Just Want to Bake the World Happy”, owner Victoria Mairs is doing exactly that through the yummy sweet treats that fill her newly opened shop in Langdon. Mairs says that she has been baking since she was old enough to be in the kitchen with her mom and “it’s truly where I love to be”.
    Before opening up the shop, Mairs had been baking and decorating out of her home for the past 7 years, officially becoming “My Bakery Shop” just 2 years ago. The decision to take her amazing talent out of her home and into a store was mostly because she became so busy, she had out grown her home kitchen.
    With creations such as custom cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, frozen yogurt & breads and jams, Mairs says, “My most popular cupcake is the Oreo, it is awesome! I use vanilla base with Oreo crumbs and then as a cake I add Oreo cookies in the middle. The second most popular is bubble gum. I was shocked – it is amazing. It tastes just like bubble-gum ice cream”.
    “What makes us different is we grind our own flour. There are 26 essential vitamins and nutrients in a grain of wheat. When we buy processed white flour from the store, they have taken out all the wheat germ, the wheat germ oil, the bran and the middling’s – because they are what makes the flour go bad if not used right away”, explained Mairs.
    My Bakery Shop is opened six days a week and also opens its doors to accommodate birthday parties. For more information, you can visit http://mybakeryshop.com/