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    Rhonda Pelletier is Ready to Serve All Your Mortgage Needs

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    Rhonda Pelletier – Mortgage Specialist in Chestermere, AB

    Chestermere resident of fourteen years, Rhonda Pelletier, is an active member of the community and is excited at the opportunity of helping residents of Chestermere and area with their mortgage needs.
    Rhonda is married with three children and says they moved to Chestermere from Calgary to get that small town feel. As she still feels that Chestermere will continue that no matter how big it gets, she is doing her part in helping those looking to move to Chestermere or move within Chestermere to get that same small town feel from how she operates her business.
    Rhonda has fifteen plus years’ experience in the financial world, taking 8 years off to be at home with her daughter, she then decided in 2007 to get back into the work world and moved into mortgages. “I love helping people and pride myself of having great customer service skills. I feel that by working in the mortgage industry, I am better equipped to help those people that are getting a first time mortgage, getting a second mortgage or have had some financial trouble in the past and need some help getting prepared to get a mortgage again” says Pelletier.
    “I am a fully hands on broker that will take the clients step by step through their whole mortgage experience. If they are getting a mortgage for the first time, I will help them get all the documents organized, find the best lender for them and get them that much needed pre-approval so that they can then go shopping for their new home. If they need help finding a realtor, I work with many talented real estate agents and I’m happy to help them make that connection”.
    “For clients that have maybe ran into some financial problems it he past, example would be a bankruptcy, although they perhaps are not in the position to get a mortgage right away, it is always advised to make an appointment with a broker and I will sit with them, learn about them and then help organize a game plan for what they would need to work on in order to get themselves back into the position of being able to get that mortgage. There is no cost to have an appointment with a mortgage broker, so I always tell people that it can’t hurt to meet with one. I can also help clients that might want to do a second mortgage on their home, take out a line of credit using the equity of their home for renovations or a big purchase that is needed.”
    Rhonda prides herself of always being available for clients and that her clients are always her first priority. She promises to deliver professional dedicated services by getting to know why her clients are, what they are looking for and treating them like they are important and not just a piece of paper.
    “I love Chestermere and the community is so friendly. I am looking forward to helping members of the community.”
    You can contact Rhonda by visiting www.rhondapelletier.ca or calling her at (403) 819-2002.