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    A New Option For Medical Care Ready To Open Its Doors

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    The public health waiting room is equiped with 2 stations for weighing infants and wall mounted toys to keep children entertained while awaiting their appointment

    Since it was first announced in December 2013, the opening of the Chestermere Community Health Centre has been a much anticipated event in the City of Chestermere. Located in the Kinniburgh development on Chestermeres east side, the new medical centre offers a host of services to residents.
    Marilyn MacGregor, Director for the North Community and Rural Health with Alberta Health Services welcomed guests and said, “The Chestermere Community Health Centre is about community. This facility has been several years in the making and now thanks to tremendous amount of planning by staff and numerous community stake holders, we’re here today to celebrate the official opening.”
    Mayor Patricia Matthews spoke to the crowd, saying, “I want you to take two fingers and pinch the person standing next to you because holy smokes, it’s real! Once upon a time, a long time ago, those of us on council got this delightful idea that we should be moving things forward from a health perspective. And then we went to the delightful people at AHS (Alberta Health Services), and mentioned our great idea. We asked, ‘really what do we need for the future?’ and ‘how do we plan for the future of our community?’, and together, we found some people who worked in the community, who were great leaders, who were great stakeholders and we got together and lets form the health committee. Council then had the opportunity to hand off the job to of really getting in to the dirt and getting into this fantastic project and keeping it moving. It’s a fantastic, wonderful, unbelievable, surreal moment to be standing here with all of you today, to be able to say it’s real! It’s real!”.
    Although the centre wasn’t opening for appointments until January 20th, on January 14, 2015, the Chestermere Community Health Centre opened its doors for a public open house where residents could check out the new facility and get their questions answered about what services will be available. Members of Alberta Health Services, City of Chestermere Mayor Patricia Matthews and Deputy Mayor Christopher Steeves and other community partners and members of the community came out to celebrate the arrival of this much needed medical centre.
    “As a nurse and the mother of four, it gives me great pride and comfort knowing that I helped to establish better accessibility to healthcare services in the town (city) we call home. I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to all those involved, both volunteers and professionals, who provided their ideas, support, encouragement, funding and prayers to help get us to this day. Special thanks to my husband, Owen, and my family for their love and support, allowing me to spend countless hours at planning meetings and events.
    Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to join us in our celebration of the Grand Opening.”, commented Karen Wourms, RN, BScN and Co-Chair of the Chestermere Community Health Services Committee.
    The Public Health component will provide services which will promote wellness for families, individuals and communities including well child services (assessment, screening, referral, education anticipatory guidance and vaccination), communicable disease control and follow up, postpartum services and school vaccination services. In the waiting room, there are two stations for weighing infants and all of the wall mounted toys have been designed to keep children occupied, be cleaned easily to keep any bacteria or viruses from spreading. With the population climbing in Chestermere at an alarming rate, it goes without saying that these services are not only long overdue but will allow residents to be able to stay in Chestermere for these much needed services. The opening date for the Public Health services are yet to be determined.
    Home Care services will also be provided to offer home-based and clinic services for people and families who have chronic, acute, rehabilitative or palliative needs. Hours of operation will be 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, seven days a week and they can be reached at 403-365-5400.
    Formerly located on East Chestermere Drive above the Centex gas station, Addiction and Mental Health Services are moving into the new clinic. Offering general mental health services such as services to help individuals (children, youth, adults and seniors) address and manage addictions, and emotional and/or psychological concerns that impact daily functioning. Geriatric services will provides a range of assessment and treatment services to seniors and/or their care providers related to cognitive functioning. Focus is on assessment and diagnosis, medication management, and accessing supports. Groups sessions will include various group sessions to the public. Session times and topics vary and include mental health information sessions, as well as psycho-educational groups. Hours of operation will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and Tuesdays: 8:00 am – 8:30 pm. You can reach them at 1-877-652-4700.
    Probably the most anticipated addition is Calgary Laboratory Services which will be open for pre-booked appointments from 9am-noon, Monday to Friday. There is an ECG room and two phlebotomy stations, as well as the lab processing room. To book an appointment, go to www.calgarylabservices.com, or phone 403-770-5136.
    As those involved with the creation of this centre addressed the crowd, to say that this was a labour of love would be a huge understatement. Throughout the clinic, there are community art pieces that were selected by submissions made by students at Chestermere schools, and is made possible through a generous donation by the Chestermere Lions Club.
    The Chestermere Community Health Centre is located at 288 Kinninburgh Blvd and main phone number is (403) 365-5400.