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    Big Recognition for Local Business

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    Expedia CruseGeraldine Ree, Senior VP Sales and Marketing; Vicky Barzey, Owner; Marty Fulkerth, Owner; Matthew Eichhorst, President

    In the world of travel, it goes without saying that a travel agencies reputation really can make all the difference. When customers are searching out that agent to help them with their travel needs, they want the best of the best. For the team at Expedia CruiseShip Centres here in Chestermere, they are truly that.
    In early May, the team traveled to Las Vegas where they were awarded both the ‘Star Among Your Peers’ award and the “Star of the Stars” award. These wins come with the recognition of being the top centre in sales in a year in all of North America. The Chestermere Expedia team were up against much larger and longer established centres – but came out on top!!
    The criteria for even being recognised in the ‘Star Among Your Peers’ is that your sales in one year must be over $750,000. The Chestermere group had reached that marker in their first five months of business.
    “We were competing against locations that are based out of Las Vegas, New York, Florida and here’s little ole Chestermere – the number one centre in all of North America. With winning these awards, we now find that centres that have been around for quite some time are coming to us and asking ‘how do you do it?”, said Marty Fulkerth, one of the owners of Expedia CruiseShip Centre.
    When asked how they respond to those more established centres when they ask what their secrets of success are, Fulkerth answered, “We tell them about our community. Chestermere has embraced us. We market our centre a little bit different then some centres. We advertise in the Anchor every week to which we get a lot of lift off being in the Anchor. People say ‘ oh you use print advertising?’… Absolutely because everyone in Chestermere has a copy of the Anchor. It’s hard to beat that community spirit of Chestermere”.
    The team of Expedia CruiseShip Centre here in Chestermere consists of 12… but only 3 are here in Chestermere. Vicky Barzey, Owner and Manager said that another part of their success is they have diversified their team. “We only have three consultants in Chestermere and we need to grow that team. We need people. I have consultants as far north as Edmonton and east as Saskatoon. With diversifying our team, we’ve got over 70 years of travel experience between us. So that gives us a great resource to help each other and our customers”.
    Barzey went on to say the by the end of 2015, 28 million will cruise. However, by the end of 2018 it is anticipated that 100 million people will cruise. “So the opportunity for people to join our team is huge. It’s all independent contractors, we don’t employ so your earning potential is completely up to you”.
    The team at Expedia CruiseShip Centres pride themselves of great customer service and to be there for their clients. “Our phones are always on whether you need a new booking or you’re on your trip and you need assistance, we are here for our clients” said Barzey.