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    Nutritional Coaching at Chestermere Lifepath Wellness

    Nutitional coaching Colby_Jenkins

    Lifepath Wellness welcomes Nutrition Coach Colby Jenkins

    Nutrition is defined as the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food, in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health, and disease of an organism. It includes food intake, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catabolism, and excretion… that sounds pretty complicated; which is why many people turn to one of the literally thousands of diet trends society tells us are the “best” plan for weight loss and overall healthy nutrition. The subject of nutrition can be very confusing and at times frustrating, which is why Chestermere Lifepath Wellness is excited to announce the acquisition of Nutritional Coach, Colby Jenkins.
    Jenkins, a registered massage therapist, received her Nutrition training from Precision Nutrition, and will offer individual and family nutritional coaching for clients Monday’s and Thursday’s at Lifepath Wellness. Although Jenkins works in all areas of nutrition, she specializes in weight loss coaching. “That seems to be the area where most people are looking for help, so that is where I like to focus. I also enjoy sports nutritional coaching – being more specific evaluating vitamins, minerals, supplementation, and hydration for athletes.”
    Jenkins points out that most clients she talks to are tired of yo-yo dieting and watching the weight creep back on once their diet is over. “Clients come to me feeling like they are at their wits-end, and that is where I like to step in, and offer a different approach to their nutritional needs.” Jenkins’ philosophy is one that is adaptable to everyone. “I like to reinforce the idea that you do not need to cut out whole food groups from your diet, and that fueling your body with plenty of healthy options only assists with losing weight, rather than starving yourself to stall weight loss. It is all about balance, and that is what I emphasize to my clients – every client will have an individualized plan. Looking at you age, current weight, gender, medical history, dieting history, and even how you mentally feel about yourself is considered when customizing your plan.”
    Everyone is different when it comes to their ideal weight and weight loss goals, which is why most commercial plans do not work for most people. Jenkins’ believes your plan should be something you can follow throughout your entire life – it is not about “dieting” for a period of time until you are happy with your weight, and then resuming your old eating habits. Your food preferences and food intolerances are also examined in order to offer a plan that is healthy, enjoyable, and satiating. Accountability and support are also very important to Jenkins. After the initial consultation, clients will meet with her on a regular basis to re-evaluate their progress and identify any areas that might need to be changed or customized to adapt to your changing body. “As clients progress through their program, we re-examine your plan and make any necessary changes. With fat loss, plateaus are common and many people become discouraged during these stalls. We will work together during these times to ensure you stay on track and to make any modifications to help break the plateau.”
    Working with the community is something that Jenkins looks forward to offering in the future. Healthy eating habits are reinforced best at an early age, and children love to learn how to help prepare healthy meals at home. “In the future, I hope to offer seminars for children at their school, to teach them how certain foods and beverages affect their health and to show them what is actually in the food they eat.”
    Lifepath Wellness welcomes your call to book your consultation with Colby Jenkins, available now on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Call 403-235-6205 to reserve your appointment.