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  • F45 Training Ready To Make You Sweat

    Helping clients reach their fitness goals

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    Tanner & Niki Still - proud owners of F45 Training
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    Trainer Lee showing how it’s done before the first class at F45 Training kicks off

    On Saturday May 28th the music was pumping and the sweat was dripping as F45 Training opened it’s doors at their new location at Unit #105, 288 Kinniburgh Blvd. It was a full house as the owners and trainers spoke to their first class explaining how their facility worked and thanked their guests for helping them celebrate on their grand opening day.

    Alberta born and raised owner, Niki Still, owning her own gym is a dream come true. “I have always dreamed of opening my own gym. The reality came sooner than expected because when I first saw a video about F45 Training it was everything I believe to be ideal for training and I have not seen any type of technology like F45 in Canada before.  I have been personal training, teaching group classes and offering nutritional services for 8 years. Prior to having kids I was the Group Fitness Coordinator at Mount Royal University, which taught me many things that has supported me in this venture”.

    Still comes from a big family of eight with four sisters and one brother, which she says left life always busy and entertaining and created a close-knit family. “My parents taught me to always work hard and do what you love.  I met my amazing husband in Calgary and we eventually made our move out to Langdon five years ago. I am a Mother of two and being with my family is my greatest gift”, says Still.

    Still says she grew up playing sports and dancing which led her into the career choices of today.  “I have been in the fitness industry for just over 8 years. With a diploma in Exercise Science which opened the doors to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the Society of Exercise Physiology and obtaining many Group Fitness certifications. I also have a diploma in Natural Nutrition. So you could say I’ve always loved to be active and I’ve always loved food – they are hand in hand for me”, adds Still.

    F45 Training is an innovative systematized HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. F45 was developed in Australia and has spread like wildfire in four years with over 400 franchises worldwide. F45 Training Chestermere is the first to open in Western Canada and second in the country.  F45 stands for functional fitness in 45 minutes. 

    “Every exercise can be broken down to the most basic of movements so everyone can attend and get the best workout for them specifically.  We have a wide variety of equipment and exercises that our programs utilize so you never get the same workout twice.  F45 is about community, working hard to achieve your goals and most importantly FUN!  You get the expertise of a personal trainer to support the workout you need while feeding off the energy of being in a group environment. 
    We know people are busy and schedules change daily so you never have to commit to a set time of class.  Everyone can schedule their classes to work with their day”, explains Still.
    “Personal training can be expensive and now instead of paying for one or two training sessions a week you can pay the same price as one and now come as many times as you want.  F45 also offer 8-week challenges where clients get meal plans and grocery lists and are given support to get results that must faster. With F45 training we combine innovation + motivation = results!” adds Still.

    F45 Training Chestermere offers a free 14 Day experience that allows people to come as many times as they want to get a true feel for what F45 is about. Their website is www.f45training.ca/chestermere and they can be found on Facebook at F45 Training Chestermere.

    Still says that they are hoping that people from all walks of life, no matter their fitness level, will come check them out. “F45 is for everyone and we invite everyone to come in and try it out!”