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  • Lifepath Wellness Welcomes Dr. Genevieve Zuker

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    Lifepath Wellness Welcomes Dr Genevieve Zuker

    The team at Lifepath Wellness is excited to announce that they have a female associate, Dr. Genevieve Zuker, joining their practice March 1, 2016.
    Born and raised in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Dr. Zuker comes from a farming family and was the first person in her family to go to college.
    “I knew very early on, when I was in high school, that I wanted to go into dentistry. I loved being able to build something and I love working with my hands. I loved the detailed part of it and just to be able to build something on a small scale. Once I started shadowing some dentists and then got into dental school, I just thought wow, this is for me.”
    After high school graduation, Dr. Zuker headed to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada where she attended college and then graduated from dental school in 2009. “That is also where I met my husband, Ethan, who is a pediatric dentist at Chestermere Station Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. We were both independently going to dental school and then we met in one of our undergrad classes. I graduated a year before him, so I went on to practice for three years while Ethan finished and then completed his studies at the specialty school for pediatric dentistry.”
    Dr. Zuker is passionate about the advances in the world of dentistry and how things are always changing and improving, and she is excited to share that knowledge with her patients. The industry is very exciting, which gives her the opportunity to branch out and try new things. “Personally, I enjoy general dentistry the most because you get to do a variety of different things every day; fillings, crowns, root canals – everything.”
    The Zuker’s brought two beautiful daughters into the world who are now 4 and almost 2. Then, they packed up their family and headed back to her homeland of Canada. Before heading to the prairies though, the Zuker’s spent a year in Newfoundland. After reaching out to a former classmate, Dr. Zuker was drawn to Alberta and also Lifepath Wellness, so the family decided to move west.
    Now calling Chestermere home, Dr. Zuker says, “we literally live just down the street from Lifepath and since moving here in May, we love it. I have always wanted to live in the prairies as I love the farm lands and that is one of the beautiful things about Chestermere. We love this community, and the team at Lifepath have been very welcoming.”
    Dr. Zuker also says that “from a dental perspective, the work that is happening at Lifepath is really great and the staff are super personable; you can tell they all love the job and love what they do – which is awesome!”
    Being a Dentist, Dr. Zuker says that she can’t stress enough the importance of great home dental care. “Hands down, people dislike flossing but it is so important for preventing cavities in-between the teeth. There is also the link between flossing and heart disease – so the more you floss the better.”
    Dr. Zuker stresses the importance of coming in for dental checkups and regular visits which is what she’s hoping for when she starts seeing patients the first week of March. She will be at Lifepath on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. “I’m definitely excited to be a part of the Lifepath team! I’m also very excited to not only be living in the community, but being able to help the community.”
    To schedule an appointment with Dr. Genevieve Zuker contact Lifepath Wellness Centre at (403)235-6208.