City helps Synergy purchase new twelve passenger van

    Chestermere City council approved an unusual request by Synergy to help the non-profit purchase a van March 6.
    “We try to do whatever we can to help these groups succeed because we all benefit from it,” said Mayor Patricia Matthews.
    What made the request unique was that Synergy was requesting that the city purchase the van with its fleet discount and then immediately resell the vehicle to Synergy.
    Council chose to direct staff to complete the purchase after ensuring that the unusual request complied with all applicable laws.
    They were also willing to support this because the purchase and sale would have no effect on the city’s budget.
    “Sometimes there are opportunities that present themselves to Council for us to support initiatives that don’t have budget implications but benefit the community,” said Matthews.
    After passing this motion, council directed staff to create a policy to be brought back to council to handle this type of request in the future.
    “Because it was a new experience for us we want to make sure that we have a policy to guide future decisions and make considerations fair,” Matthews said.