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  • Celebrating the risk takers

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    Local Chestermere beekeeper, pastor, author, and columnist Dr. Preston Pouteaux officially began Small Business Week in Chestermere by doing a presentation on Oct. 14 at the Lakeside Golf Club. Photo by Emily Rogers

    To begin Small Business Week in Chestermere, Dr. Preston Pouteaux, a local beekeeper, pastor, author and columnist hit the stage on Oct. 14 at the Chestermere Lakeside Golf Club.

    “The presentation was fantastic. I’m excited that this is the first small business week that Chestermere’s had,” said Pouteaux.

    “I think it shows that we’re maturing as a community, and that we’re paying attention to some of the most important parts of our city,” Pouteaux added.

    Small Business Week is important to Chestermere because the small businesses are the corner stone to the community, and when the community pays attention to the small businesses, connects, and supports them life comes to all corners of Chestermere, Pouteaux said.

    “A lot of the people in this room are people that I know and love, these are neighbours, people trying to make a go of businesses, agencies and consulting companies, behind every person here is a family, and a set of ambitions.

    “I really want to support that, and I want to see it happen more, I think the more people realize that there are real people behind every small business in this city I think that changes the fabric of our community,” Pouteaux said.

    The risk takers and innovators in Chestermere need to be celebrated, Pouteaux added, in the community there are people who tell those risk takers not to try something because it won’t work.

    “I think that’s a group of voices that need to get a little bit quieter and the voices that actually care for small businesses need to get a little bit louder, and I’m excited to be a part of that,” Pouteaux said.