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  • Getting limber in Langdon

    Love of yoga leads to opening of new yoga studio

    getting limber 20180408 Week 3 SF 0010
    Star Yoga Studio in Langdon, Alta. that opened in November of 2017. Photo by Shaun Fisk

    getting limber 20180408 Week 3 SF 0010

    Star Yoga Studio in Langdon, Alta. that opened in November of 2017. Photo by Shaun Fisk

    Tara Nichols discovered her love of Yoga purely by chance.

    Her husband was struggling with daily tasks such as putting on his socks and other daily activities.

    “Driving in a truck all day off and on is not good for your body,” said Nichols.

    Eventually, Nichols managed to convince him to try yoga to get some relief.

    Nichols joined him, mostly just to support him, but ended up falling in love with yoga.

    She began regularly attending yoga herself.

    When her yoga instructor Jenn Davidson moved out of the community, Nichols was encouraged go and get her yoga certification.

    Nichols decided in June of last year to do just that after she became curious to figure out why she felt so good after doing yoga. She was also interested in the history of it.

    “It was the best decision I’ve made for my life in a long time,” said Nichols.

    She spent eight hours a day learning and practicing yoga.

    Nichols would practice yoga for an hour and then study for a couple hours. This process would repeat all day.

    At first, Nichols wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her certification.

    As the months passed, she thought that she should open her own yoga studio in Langdon.

    “I love people and I love yoga, so why not put the two of them together,” said Nichols.

    On November 13 last year, Nichols opened the doors of her new studio.

    With the new studio, Nichols still gets some help from Davidson, who has transitioned into the role of mentor.

    Davidson also teaches at the studio four times a week.

    Nichols teaches what she calls ‘you do you yoga’ meaning that she is there to guide people, but the important part is that the students are comfortable.

    “You know your body better than everybody, there is no one yoga pose is perfect for everybody because we’re all different,” she said.

    Nichols said she is there to help people get into the pose, describe what the pose does, and what the pose should look like, but she wants to make sure everyone is comfortable.

    She is trying to offer up different things for her studio including guys’ classes on Tuesday nights, and kids classes in the days.

    She also offers her space up to other community fitness people so there is a boot camp in the studio twice a week as well.

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    1. TKH

      May 15, 2018 at 6:38 pm

      Fantastic! This is so great for the community of Langdon and area.