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    Local homebuilder completes 1000th home

    local home builder 1000 Upgrade Winner for 1000 home Jan 19th 2018

    Locally owned homebuilders Douglas Homes built their one thousandth home and to mark the occasion gave the home owner $1000 in upgrades. From left Parnia, Thavy, Phearithy, Lina, Doug M. and Doug W. Photo Submitted by Douglas Homes

    After 28 of years in business, Douglas Homes, owned by Chestermerian Doug Musak, has reached a major milestone with the completion of their one thousandth build.
    “I didn’t have a vision of selling 1000 homes, but I am delighted,” said Musak.
    “With my strong construction background and my love for building homes, the company grew and our goals are constantly evolving” he said of the milestone.
    As a medium volume homebuilder, Douglas Homes Sales and Marketing Coordinator Amy Furness said reaching their one thousandth home is a big deal for the company.
    To recognize the role their customers played in their success, the buyer of that thousandth home was gifted $1000 in upgrades.
    “It’s a nice thing to do to recognize the individual that’s hit that mark for us,” said Furness.
    Although Furness wasn’t their when their buyer was given the cheque she said that they were very excited by the surprise.
    “They didn’t know it was coming, they didn’t know where we were at in terms of how many we’d sold,” she said.
    Musak founded Douglas Homes 28 years ago and like any business owner he has faced successes and challenges in that time.
    They started small, Musak said that the first sale was building half a home. They have since grown to building homes not only in Chestermere but the entire Calgary region.
    He said that the biggest challenge as he grew his business has been working to maintain the balance between finances and construction costs.
    “This is achieved by making sure our trades are charging a fair price without cutting corners,”
    Looking to the future, Musak said that his goal is for Douglas Homes to build their next 1000 homes much faster.
    “When you’re starting to create a business, it takes a little bit longer in the beginning,” said Furness.
    Their goal is to build the next 1000 in less than seven years.