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    The idea for Fit Together came to Gurjit and Pete Toor from hours of watching their kids at play centres.

    “We were sitting in these play centres thinking… if only there were a couple of treadmills in the corner,” said Gurjit.

    Without even realizing it, the Toor’s created a prototype for the gym in their basement.

    “We had a much simpler version , half of the basement was for us to work out and the other half was separated with a barrier for the kids to play,” said Gurjit.

    When the couple decided to give their family-based gym a try they ran into challenges almost immediately. Trying to merge a children’s play area and a gym into one safe cohesive space was difficult.

    “This concept had never been done before, which was the hard part,” said Gurjit.

    In addition to the challenges of finding the right gym equipment and play centre, these new entrepreneurs also had to balance their home and work lives.

    “Opening a family orientated business, we had to make it work for our family as well,” said Gurjit.

    The best way to balance work and family turned out to bring the two together.

    Pete said that they have encouraged their kids to come and help out at the gym.

    “We try to get them to learn what’s happening here,” he said.

    Having a giant playcenter at the gym is a great motivator and helps maintain their excitement.

    “Our kids quality tested the whole play centre,” said Gurjit.

    The fact that the kids enjoy helping at the gym makes work-life balance a lot easier.

    “Because they’re included and  engaged we’re still spending time together,” she said.

    Outside of the gym the Toors like to keep active, skating and skiing in the winter and camping and hiking in the summer.

    “We’re kind of a go big or go home kind of family,” said Gurjit.