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    Putting the keys in a home buyers’ hand has always been a highlight of the REPs Group Re/Max First agents, Michelle Eldjarnson, Hayley Poirier, Carey Rose, and Christa Aleman’s careers.

    “We’re working with people who are making big changes in their lives,” said REPs Group Re/Max First agent of eight years Michelle Eldjarnson.

    “I find it very exciting, every day is different,” Eldjarnson said.

    “As hard as you work is the return that you get.”

    For agent Hayley Poirier, getting buyers and sellers to have a sold sign on their lawn is the best feeling in the world.

    “Then to be able to give them their keys on possession day, it makes your heart sore,” Poirier said.

    She added, “It makes the hard work so worth it.”

    However, the four agents do have to be adaptable with the flux and flow of the housing market, and Alberta’s economy, which has led to a challenging couple of years.

    “We just keep going no matter what,” Eldjarnson said.

    “We stay positive, and we stay connected with one another. If one of us is having a challenging moment, the others are there,” Poirier said.

    The REPs Group RE/MAX First agents are also trying to stay consistent with all advertising, reaching out to people, and just being in the community.

    Frequently, agents are serving on different boards or committees and handing out free bags of popcorn at various events.

    “For family day we handed out 400 bags of popcorn, it was a very busy day,” Eldjarnson said.

    Along with handing out popcorn at community events, the agents will also stop by schools or city hall and drop off a platter of baked goods.

    “It’s just to say that we appreciate them and all the work they do,” Eldjarnson said.

    Recently, the REPs Group Re/Max First agents connected with the city of Chestermere for 2019 to help with a verity of community events.

    “It’s going to be a busy year,” Poirier said.

    She added, “We love the component of the community, as well as the volunteering, that’s the extra part that fills our hearts.”

    Despite having hectic work and volunteer schedules, the four agents are very family orientated, and spend their off time either running, walking, hiking, or biking with their families.

    Eldjarnson added, “We’re just really thankful that we’re able to do this.”