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  • Residents urged to follow city restrictions in limiting the spread of COVID-19 

    As of April 2, Chestermere had 15 confirmed COVID-19 cases

    The City of Chestermere urges residents to take physical distancing seriously as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased to 15 on April 2.  

    “We need to stop the spread, Chestermere, and we need to stop it now. I cannot stress this enough,” said Mayor Marshall Chalmers. 

    “As your Mayor, I am letting you know that you must practice physical distancing. There are too many people gathering in groups or getting close to each other at the grocery stores, in the pharmacies, and when out and about,” he said. 

    The Chestermere Emergency Management Team has advised that fines will be issued to anyone or business that does not comply with the new restrictions. 

    If residents must go out for groceries, they must stay two metres apart from others and consider going during off-peak hours.

    Currently, the busiest days are Monday, Tuesdays Thursdays, and Friday.

    “If shoppers cannot disperse effectively on their own, people may have to line up outside,” Chalmers said. 

    “When you get your groceries, wipe and sanitize all packaging and surfaces, and fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly rinsed,” he said.

    The city also reminded residents that clothes, footwear, recycling, organics, and garbage bins, should also be sanitized and disinfected regularly. 

    Anyone returning from outside of Canada, must self-isolate at home, with no visitors.

    “We are taking a zero-tolerance approach, we have to,” Chalmers said. 

    “The measures we are taking in our community are serious, they are strict, but they are also ahead of most communities and the measures imposed by the province,” he added. “These are practices to protect you, to protect your loved ones, and to protect your community.”

    In addition to the city regulations, the city has also introduced a social media initiative, where residents are encouraged to share posts of positivity by using the hashtag #wecandoitchestermere.

    Along with using the hashtag, residents can also download a “Neighbour Note” to fill out and leave at a neighbour’s door letting them know help is available if they require it.

    “While we do have confirmed cases in Chestermere, we are blessed to not have any deaths, but the rise in confirmed cases is concerning,” Chalmers said.

    “Our Emergency Management Team and first responders are working around the clock to protect us, so please take measures and restrictions seriously, and please continue to be kind to each other even from a distance,” he added.