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    Christmas/Holiday time recycling guide. If you are celebrating this holiday season you will probably generate more recyclables than any other time of the year. Here are some holiday tips and ideas that we hope will make us all more cheerful when dealing with the extra loads.
    Wrapping paper will undoubtedly be a major part of the extra amounts over the holidays. Although your gift wrap paper will be the nicest paper you’ll want to recycle, it actually is the least recoverable of all your regular paper. Wrap paper is often made with recycled fibres which makes it easy to tear, think tissue paper. The more expensive wrap paper is often heavily coated in ink and often foil (metalic & shiny) making recovery more difficult or not recovered at all, add in a lot of tape, ribbons and bows ,which are also not recoverable and voila recycling wrap paper is not worth the effort.
    Flattening all your cardboard boxes will make it easier to recycle all down the line. The more compact the cardboard, the more weight your town can get into their truck to take to the paper recycler, thereby reducing energy costs to get it there. Remember cardboard should always go to the recycling center and not in your garbage.
    Next up, extra bottles, cans and cartons. As the season is all about caring and giving why not get in touch with your school, Cubs or Brownie troupe, sports organization or favorite charity and inquire if they are running a “Bottle Drive” to raise funds, and offer to donate your family’s bottles, cans and cartons. More than likely the group will pick them up from your home.
    If your family is decorating a real tree this year remember to recycle it in January at your local municipal recycling drop off site. Be sure to remove all decorations and tinsel, otherwise it may not be accepted.
    Coordinate with a neighbor and combine a recycling trip together. It will reduce your carbon footprint and is a friendly way to encourage others to recycle.
    Best wishes to all and happy recycling.,
    Stephen C. Tisshaw Owner
    Recycle Blue Inc., P.O. Box 89065, Calgary,