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Columnists - Preston Pouteaux

When There’s Chaos, Plant a Garden

I sat with Kyle Church at a retreat centre in BC and we were looking out over the glassy water and misty morning unfolding on Kootenay Lake. I was preparing...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Any Port In A Storm

Portugal is often considered a one-trick pony in the world of wine, being famous for their eponymous Port, but not much else. Prepare to be amazed, gentle...

Columnists - Marilyn King

How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

This was a song by Patti Page that went to #1 in the US in 1953.The song was loosely based on the folk tune “ Carnival of Venice “ and the song “ Oh, Where...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

33 And Me

In the carefree pre-pandemic era, I would visit friends on the west coast a few times each year, and would often pop into 33 Acres Brewing, in the heart of...

Columnists - Marilyn King

Finn’s Week

Saturday: By 10 o’clock I’d been to two off leash dog parks. I’d stopped to have my photograph taken a couple of times, once by a big green fluffy dog and...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Hi Joe, Bai Jiu

Boozers seem to love their puns and word games. The Mandarin speakers in the audience will recognize the words Ba Jiu as translating to August 9th in English...

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