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33 And Me

In the carefree pre-pandemic era, I would visit friends on the west coast a few times each year, and would often pop into 33 Acres Brewing, in the heart of...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Hi Joe, Bai Jiu

Boozers seem to love their puns and word games. The Mandarin speakers in the audience will recognize the words Ba Jiu as translating to August 9th in English...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

National Scotch Day

It is getting harder every year to keep up with all the celebrations for the official day of celebration for every conceivable type of hooch. Even if we ignore...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Lovable Lillet

I woke up this morning to my social media feeds showing me memories from this day five years ago, when I just happened to be in Paris on Bastille Day. For...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Good Durif

I popped into my friendly neighbourhood wine shop today, only to be immediately flagged down by the proprietor, eager to show off a new arrival that she knew I...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Dreamy Martini

National Martini Day has just recently passed us by, taking place on June 19 every year. In past years, I would get all gussied up in my fanciest duds and hit...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Alberta Bourbon

Today is National Bourbon Day, and while the spirits in my liquor cabinet are typically stocked with fine Scotch or whiskies from our local Alberta craft...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Heavenly Beer

History buffs may recall that monasteries were some of the first organizations to brew beer on a regular basis. Way back in the Middle Ages, a French order of...

Columnists - Nick Jeffrey

Bubble Trouble

After a long winter of lockdowns, summer is a time of garden parties, wedding dinners, graduations, and other special occasions that call for sparkling wines...

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