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  • (Slay)

    The inner demons of man hide in the corners of the head the way bits of digested food cling to the corners of the bowel. Bits of rotten garbage, both. The digestive system cleanse comes to us via infomercials and health food snake charmers. Take a whack of clay, a bunch of these purifying oils, no sugar or salt or tasty stuff, repeat many times, and the magic of the operating system itself will cleanse and remove all toxins, just as some thirteen year old geek can come to your house and wipe the wretched computer clean of viruses with his finger and mouse magic. Or so the claimer claims, just two days before suffering his massive indigestion attack.
    But what about those other more invisible chunks hiding here and there and everywhere in the recesses of the brain, itself not unlike the bowel in some nutcase imagery of physical appearance? How do we cleanse those things, infinitely more subtle than the lower aforementioned scraps of rot? How do we slay them?
    To summarize the great new-age philosopher’s take: Just as the purifying cleanse, we use the mind, coupled with will to throw in positivity, thoughts of green energy, fresh air, relaxed thoughts of goodwill and harmony via concentration, meditation and prayer. Hippy, yuppy, lovey, dovey smoke and mirrors. This holy stuff permeates the molecular structure, finds the hidden puzzle pieces of negative memories, and dissipates them just as chemotherapy dissipates the cancer cells, but all in the subtle angelic ways. As they dissipate, what do we do? Well, we continue on in the bungle of life, and re-establish them again, just as once that physical cleanse is over we have the welcoming of the feast of half rotten food.
    Is the only lesson learned that we never learn the lesson?