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    “One term at a time, one term at a time.” That was my motto at university. Four months was way too long for scatterbrains like me. Three weeks of summer school was much more to my liking. One course, three weeks – over and out. Then I could forget everything I had memorised, and start afresh with the next course. Since the goal was the piece of paper suggesting to others I’d learned something, smaller building blocks suited my learning style. If they would have offered ten minute courses with any credit at all, I would have signed up.
    There was a time when terms were all annual. Yes, the same course over ten months. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? That’s time enough to change appearances, get married twice, own three cars, get fired from 6 part-time dumb jobs, and have several body part replacement surgeries.
    As the rate of technological change accelerated, some wise guys over on campus figured they’d better switch it all to shorter durations. One of the reasons was that by the end of the ten month course, the stuff you learned back in September was already outdated, this being a fact of life today in the realms of electronic wizardry, particularly in phones.
    Too bad the brains of the outfit couldn’t apply all this accelerated shortening of terms to politicians. We all need little electronic voters, and wrist watch TVs set to ring a buzzer whenever a politician says anything controversial. Then we decide then and there if it’s dumb or not.
    Some Big Brother hidden in the turrets of the capital building would announce the termination of the term, “51% of the populace said that was a stupid comment. So sorry, but your term’s over.”
    “But I only got here 10 minutes ago.”
    “Sorry, Oh Wise One. You’re out. Next.”