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    MLA notes – Sept 10

    Hello to all!
    As we prepare our kids, prepare lunches, scurry around, bark out last minute orders about back packs, inside shoes, take a quick picture, and kiss them as they leave for their first day of school, we will all take a moment and breathe and think of the families of Jaydon and Markus. As my husband got our son ready for his last “first day” in high school I know it filled our thoughts. Congratulations to the organizers of “Life’s too Shorts”. We were sad to miss it but were out of town.

    “It’s been a long time without you my friend. And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again”
    Wiz Khalifa

    We spent a very rainy Saturday in Springbank with the athletes, performers, event staff and hardy guests at the 102nd Calgary Highland Games. We were so proud to be there and warm people and conversation kept our thoughts off our cold fingers and toes. The many volunteers of this organization are fantastic.

    Speaking of volunteering, there are many opportunities to get involved in the upcoming months. In Chestermere, Langdon, Springbank, Balzac, Indus, Delacour, and indeed throughout our constituency there is a need to be filled. Whether you get involved with one of the many fine service clubs such as Rotary or the Lions, take the time to read stories to children at the library, volunteer at the Food Bank, help a senior citizen or new Canadian, or pick up trash you will feel better for it and meet some truly amazing and hardworking people behind the scenes. For example, it takes at least 50 people to put on the Fall Fair and Red Ribbon Contest here in Chestermere, all unpaid but driven by a desire to make the community a better place. Same goes for the recent Langdon Days. Please lend a hand if you have a few moments. An hour here and there makes such a big difference.

    We would like to welcome Prasad Panda to our Wildrose family. The by-election in Foothills had 400 volunteers that worked tirelessly to help our newest MLA. Congratulations to all the candidates on their fantastic campaigns. We love to see democracy at work, and Foothills certainly felt that. Just as our feet recover from door knocking, we will head out to help our our Federal Conservative candidates as well, so hopefully we will see you at the doors. Or if you feel like coming along help is always appreciated.

    Please drive safely through the school zones and enjoy watching the leaves turn colours.