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    MLA Report Sept 24

     As I was writing this column I received the shocking news of the murder of little Hailey Dunbar – Blanchette. After her father was murdered and she was abducted we all held out the hope that she would be found safe. Cruelly, it was not to be. Like all of us, I struggle to comprehend what could cause somebody to murder an innocent child. Events like this can cause one to question their belief in the innate goodness of people. Seeing the community of Blairmore, and indeed all of Alberta and Canada, open their hearts and rally around the families and friends of the victims helps to restore that belief. My deepest sympathy to all those who knew and loved Hailey and her father. I would like to thank the RCMP for their tireless efforts to find Hailey and apprehend the person responsible. I hope there is healing for the emotional scars left by witnessing this and other senseless tragedies. I am proud of their dedication to protecting the rights of the accused.

    It seems our premier is “embarrassed” by Alberta. Albertans know what a wonderful place our province is to live, work, and play in. Without a shadow of a doubt, I am a proud Albertan. I was born in Edmonton, moved to Calgary, and in grade three we moved to our riding, living in Chestermere. My father is a brilliant chemical engineer and my mother helped to build this community. We are a family entrenched in the oil and gas industry and we are incredibly proud of our neighbours, family and friends. We realize how important the energy sector has been to creating the Alberta Advantage I was lucky enough to thrive on.
    I was astounded to hear the premier’s comments this past week. She should be one of our province’s biggest advocates. I look around at the people I am privileged to know and love, and I don’t know what to say. Our premier calling Alberta the “embarrassing cousins that no one wants to talk about” shows that she is more interested in promoting her ideological agenda than standing up for Albertans, and Albertans’ interests.
    When a sensible person would have apologized for these comments, our premier doubled down and said she is just “calling a spade a spade”. She actually means this. I am completely frustrated by the outright lack of respect and disdain for Alberta’s industry, and in turn for Albertans. Albertans need leadership that fights for them, not against them. It reminds me of comments from a fallen leader regarding looking in a mirror and that math is hard. Wildrose knows that representing Albertans is a privilege, and never to be taken for granted. The premier and her MLAs need to realize that they represent everyone!  It is time to stop kicking the people in this province while they are down and our economy is hurting.
    While the premier is busy insulting our province and calling us embarrassing, the environment minister has put new “carbon and car” taxes on the table at a time when economic and job uncertainty are on everyone’s minds. We need moderate government and moderate polices. We do not need policies designed to appease special interests whose agenda does not include a prosperous Alberta.
    I am incredibly proud to be a resident of Chestermere-Rocky View, and to be an Albertan. I know that you are too. Be proud Chestermere – Rocky View. Be proud Alberta. Do not let comments like this define you. We are so much better than we are being painted by the very people who should be standing up for us.
    The energy industry and other job creators are critical to our economy and Wildrose has your back. We will stand up for you, and stand up for Albertans.
    I am a proud Albertan…say it with me! 
    I am a proud Albertan!