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    Counselling Combats Stress


    Counselling Services provide support, education and skill-building to individuals, couples and families. Two of the areas that counselling helps with, are stress and anxiety.
    Every day we experience stress. It can be related to work, relationships, finances or other traumatic events. It is natural to experience stress and anxiety from time to time. All of us worry about health, money, career, family problems and the unknown. Stress can develop over time and it can have a serious negative impact on a person’s life. It becomes a problem when it interferes with a: how one acts, how one relates to others and how one feels.
    Stress leads to anxiety and depression if it goes on without a strategy or way of managing these emotions in a healthy and positive manner. Counselling can uncover the hidden sources of one’s stress and anxiety.
    There are many different approaches to manage stress, relieve pain, discomfort and anxiety as one learns to take control of their life. Individuals, couples and families can acquire the tools and resources that will benefit them throughout life. The fact is that stress is not just a feeling. It’s not “in one’s head.” Don’t suffer needlessly. By addressing stress, you can experience the life a person wants and deserves.
    Counselling successfully combats stress, anxiety and depression by helping a person to:
    • Calm one’s body
    • Address the thoughts causing pain and discomfort
    • Eliminate mental and emotional blocks
    • Identify one’s strengths and a more fulfilling way of living
    • Manage and overcome fears
    • Experience the full expression of one’s life
    Ideas to consider when talking with a professional:
    • Identify the things that cause stress and tension in your life.
    • How does this stress and tension affect you, your family and your job?
    • Can you list the stress and tensions in your life as either short or long-term.
    • What are your biggest obstacles to reducing stress?
    • What have you done already that didn’t work for you?
    If you think that you or someone you know may be under more stress than just dealing with a passing difficulty, it may be helpful to seek professional counselling.