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    ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership

    Lake Ridge Community Church has generously donated $7,500 toward the creation of the ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership and will also be paying the monthly operating expenses, for the building, in exchange for two office spaces. Evan Dewald, Pastor of Lake Ridge Community Church, particularly wanted to contribute to the development of this much needed social infrastructure because he truly believes in what this project will do for the community. Evan strongly supports Synergy’s value of youth and community leadership education as well as their strong commitment to collaboration. Having been a Youth Pastor for 15 years, before moving to Chestermere to plant Lake Ridge Community Church, he realizes the needs that students have for healthy alternatives within their communities.
    Evan believes that Synergy invests in the growth and development of character in young people rather than just providing entertainment and this is a value that has kept him interested in the society. To continue this important investment in youth, Evan wants to continue to serve in any way he can to keep Synergy operated programs sustainable into the future.
    Synergy not only supports youth in the community, but also other Not for Profit organizations. Being Not for Profit organizations themselves, Synergy and Lake Ridge Community Church understand that it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears for these organizations to sustain and to contribute toward an optimal quality of community life. Not for Profits provide a support system that money can’t buy. The ReidBuilt Centre for Community leadership will provide affordable meeting and program space to Not for Profit organizations taking a bit of the pressure off of them.
    The Centre will not only be office space, but also a place for students to gather and train to become leaders. A program that Evan cares deeply about is Synergy’s Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership (YELL) youth group for ages 13 and up. He believes this is one of the best ways to invest Lake Ridge Community Church’s time, money and resources. Developing the character of our students and creating leaders takes time, practice and a safe environment. Synergy gives the youth this opportunity to be able to build the confidence and social skills needed to become self-assured citizens who in turn, create a better community.
    Synergy is very grateful for the generous donation from Lake Ridge Community Church which will enable them to better serve the community and allow for more opportunities to collaborate with other community organizations. If you have any questions about the ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership, please contact Patty Sproule at 403-207-7099 or email psproule@chestermere.ca.