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    The ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership Focus on Facility Funders:

    The Municipal Sustainability Grant was announced by the department of Municipal Affairs, in 2007, as the Province of Alberta’s commitment to work with municipalities to manage growth pressures, provide them with sustainable funding and support infrastructure needs. Two grants, The Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG) and the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI), were consolidated to increase program flexibility. The 2016-2017 budget was $1.8 million dollars which is comprised of $340.7 million under the former BMTG component) and $30 million under the MSI operating component.

    This grant is given to all municipalities in Alberta, based on a long-term funding agreement. Municipalities are then able to contribute these funds towards assets or activities that provide a municipal service or benefit and do not limit public access.

    Synergy applied for this grant by approaching Chestermere City Council and asking them if they would consider allocating a portion of the current Municipal Sustainability Grant toward the creation of the new community facility, The ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership.  City Council agreed that this was a project that met the standards for community improvement and the new community facility would provide a municipal benefit.  The project was subsequently allocated $200,000 of Municipal Sustainability funding.

    The ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership is a not for profit operating space that will provide affordable meeting, event and programming space. Synergy is using this grant in combination with the money received from other sponsors for the construction of the building itself and the construction of underground utilities.

    Featuring 2280 square feet of operating space including meeting room and program space, the ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership is to be utilized exclusively by Not for Profit organizations and the Community Organizations who partner with them. Other Not for Profit organizations are invited to explore the option to share space at the Centre with the expectation that these organizations will contribute to the operating costs associated with the new community facility.

    Synergy is very grateful to have been granted these funds which will enable them to better serve the community and allow for more opportunities to collaborate with other community organizations. If you have any questions about the ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership, please contact Patty Sproule at 403-207-7099 or email psproule@chestermere.ca.