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    Chestermere’s junior golfers feature


    This week I would like to feature two of Chestermere’s junior golfers, Ty Kittle and Riley Richard. You may have seen them at Lakeside Greens working on their games or on the ball diamond playing for the Chestermere Crushers.

    On Tuesday nights I have been giving Ty and Riley lessons on all facets of the game. Their putting and chipping games have been coming along nicely in part because of our weekly putting and chipping contests. However, it is their full swings that we are now concentrating on and in particular their backswings. Coincidentally, both are working on the same backswing fundamentals and that is a shortened more compact backswing with fully cocked wrists.

    Both Ty and Riley went way past parallel which made coming back down to the ball squarely very difficult. At 14 years of age (or any age actually) you want to hit a long ball. However, taking your club back a long way does not necessarily make your swing more powerful but it does make it more complicated.

    Taking the club back with a straight left arm, to parallel or even a bit short of that with fully cocked wrists will give you all the power you need. Just remember to keep those wrists cocked as long as possible coming down into impact.

    Remember these tips and you along with Ty and Riley will be on your way to playing YOUR best golf!