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  • MLA report October 5

    Hello Chestermere! Winter decided that we had been spoiled enough with our beautiful summer, and that it was time for the snow to replace those beautiful leaves. It came in with a force on Sunday night/Monday morning and we woke up to having to scrape the frost from our windshields. My puppy Elvis (he’s 8 and part wolf) was leaping for joy and his beautiful winter coat is now white and fluffy and all over the floor of our living room.
    We had a busy week this week with many functions, visits with you, leadership debates and municipal forums. Thank you again to everyone who has put themselves forward to run for the municipal election. Those who have come before you have served this community very well, and the entirely new council will have big shoes to fill, and we as a city are grateful for your energy and effort. Please make sure that you come out and vote in the municipal election. We have a responsibility in my opinion to vote and have our say because the policies created by our local politicians have a huge impact on our well being, as does your provincial and federal governments. Our voter turn out in the past has hovered around the 16% mark, which means that with approximately 13,000 voters in Chestermere if these percentages remain the same, less than 2500 people will decide the direction, fate and future of this beautiful city. This number is even less for our trustees, and I hope to see our wonderful citizens out voting and flexing their democratic muscle on election day. This is local decision making and it should matter to all of us. Please research the candidates and VOTE.
    I attended the Beaver Drilling Avatar program dinner this past week which featured our hard-working drilling industry folks who took a leadership role to “leverage technology and artificial intelligence to prepare them for the drilling industry of the future” as stated by Beaver Drilling CEO Kevin Krausert. Beaver Drilling is still a family owned and operated business and they are collaborating with many other industries, the University Of Calgary, and think tanks to bring tremendous efficiencies, environmental awareness, and advocacy to transform the industry. The word “avatar” is from the Hindu faith and means “to overcome or to become more than yourself.” I was truly inspired to see the industry that is the lifeblood of this province redefining itself. World oil and gas usage is on the rise, and as always Alberta is at the forefront of the most responsible and environmental extraction and production. We are the best, cleanest and most highly regulated industry in the world, and we should be the lead producers with a third of the world’s oil and gas right here in our own country. Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are the other big players. Isn’t it mind blowing that we are importing from these other countries when we could be completely self sufficient? We are highly sophisticated, the best in the world, and yet we import oil? Our biggest customer the United States has become our biggest competitor. We need to get to those global markets, and innovators like Beaver Drilling are going to help us get there.
    We spent a great deal of time this past week talking and brainstorming ideas for a future seniors care facility here in Chestermere. I would like to thank those of you who came out to spend your time in this important discussion. “Aging In Place” means options in your community for your retirement years, in the company of your friends and family. Housing, health care, local shopping, and accessibility are some pieces of the puzzle. All communities are enhanced by keeping our seniors, their wisdom, and their energy and volunteer spirit among us. Thank you to Sherri Standish, the Forum Planning Committee, and Chestermere Community Services for all their hard work.
    I attended the United Conservative Party leadership debate in Edmonton this past week, and ended the week celebrating with the Bengali community at the Chestermere Recreation Centre for the Hindu Celebration of the Durga Puja, the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. See my Facebook pages for some pictures and video.
    As you know, the United Conservative Party Leadership race is in full swing. If you are a UCP member who has just joined or was grandfathered in as a Wildrose or PC member you still MUST register to vote before October 13. You can register at www.unitedconservative.ca/register or call 1-888-465-2660 Option 3.
    I am supporting Brian Jean for the UCP Leadership. As opposition leader, Brian demonstrated that he has Albertans’ back every day. A small businessman himself, he understands the challenges facing business in Alberta and will stand up for you against the Provincial NDP and Federal Liberal Governments relentless tax increases, contempt for hard working Albertans, and demonization of our resource industries. Brian will fight to restore the Alberta Advantage and protect the front-line services Albertans deserve. Please support Brian Jean, “Here For Albertans”. That’s not just a slogan, it’s who he is. See www.BrianJean.ca or call 403-768-2577 for information, help with registration, etc. or watch my Facebook page for locations you can go to get registered.
    As always, we love to hear from you.