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  • MLA report Sept 28

    Hello Chestermere! It has been a busy week, and it is wonderful to see so many of our residents throwing themselves into the municipal race, knocking on doors, campaigning and attending the forum at the library. There is a great buzz in town, and I am truly honoured to live here and represent you provincially. I would like to start out by recognizing our volunteers. This week, over and over, I saw them at the Rotary Amazing Race, the opening of the new Cornerstone Community Park at the Reidbuilt Centre For Community Leadership, and many of you who are volunteering and running campaigns for councilors, Mayoral hopefuls and trustees, the Food Bank, and so much more. You are the lifeblood of this community and I want to thank you again for everything you do to build our beautiful little city. Peter Tindall, my assistant, my hubby Malkeet and I all participated in the Rotary Amazing Race. Thank you Karen McKee, chair Jason Mckee, and all the other volunteers for your hard work. This is a great event, and every year it gets better and better. Thank you to all the businesses and residents that participated! My highlight was stopping by and chatting with the fabulous and amazing Elaine Peake! I also attended and participated in the Kiwanis Apple Festival on the West side of the riding at Kamp Kiwanis. My son Akesh and I were honoured to be part of the amazing musical line up that Kamp Kiwanis has for the 2 days of the Apple Festival. Did you know that Kamp Kiwanis impacts 11,000 or more underprivileged and disadvantaged kids every year through esteem building camps, workshops, and educating them about the environment? These beautiful kids may have never had the chance to experience a summer camp without these incredible folks. That is amazing and something worth participating in and promoting. Kiwanis will be coming to Chestermere soon, so make sure you check them out. I had the pleasure of speaking and presenting the Group of the Year Award at the 2nd annual YYC Music Awards at the Palace Theatre this weekend. Please check out the YYCMA page and listen to these artists. I am just blown away and so proud of the caliber of musicians in Calgary, Chestermere and area! This event brings every kind of music you can imagine under one roof to promote the diversity and talent of all of these folks. My personal highlight was seeing Al Muirhead who is “Jazz Royalty” in Alberta win in the category of Jazz recording of the Year: “Northern Adventures – The Canada Sessions Vol. 1” For those of you have participated in or attended the Youth Talent Showdown at the Stampede, Al runs it and continues to play in the band. These experienced musicians, indeed some of Canada’s best, work tirelessly with the young performers augmenting their performances. Al has backed up those kids for the last 37 years! I adore this man, and was just overwhelmed to see him honoured in this way. The after party featured an amazing group called Static Shift. These amazing young men started out in their garage. Make sure you check out some of this incredible music and support our local artists. My very dear friend Patrick MacIntyre, the owner of the Ironwood Stage And Grill was also the winner of the Industry award. So many of us got our start on that stage, including many of the students of the Aheer Studio of Performance. My oldest son Akesh has been performing there since he was 8. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.
    By the time this article is released there will only be a few more days to buy your memberships for the United Conservative Party, in order to vote in the leadership race. If you were a Wildrose or PC member with an expiry on or after November 1, 2017 you are grandfathered in or you can purchase your membership online at https://unitedconservative.ca/Membership. After that you have to register to vote before October 13:
    To register:
    1. You go onto the UCP Website https://unitetedconservative.ca/Register
    2. You will need a driver’s license or 2 other pieces of identification in order to register. I took a picture of my license, put it on my desktop, and dragged it into the box provided on the site in order to register. Call 1-888-465-2660 Option 3 if you need help.
    As many of you know I am supporting Brian Jean for UCP Leadership. Brian has demonstrated that he has Albertans’ back every day. A small businessman himself, he understands the challenges facing business in Alberta and will stand up for you against the Provincial NDP and Federal Liberal Governments relentless tax increases and contempt for hard working Albertans. Brian will fight to restore the Alberta Advantage and protect the front-line services Albertans deserve. Please support Brian Jean, “Here For Albertans”. That’s not just a slogan, it’s who he is. For further information visit www.BrianJean.ca or call 403-768-2577. His campaign staff can help you with membership or registration.
    As always we love to hear from you.