Top ten reasons juniors should take up golf

    Welcome back to another season of golf and “Play YOUR Best Golf”! For those of you who are new to this weekly golf column, I will be passing along tips on instruction, equipment updates, viewpoints and general commentary on the game of golf. Once again, the main component of my column will be to feature a local resident and the analysis of a lesson we do together which should be of a great benefit to you and your game as well. Who knows, maybe I will get a chance to feature you, or one of your friends in a column this summer!

    It looked like we were off to a great start with another March opening but it looks like an average April, weather wise, is upon us. As many of you know, golf generally doesn’t start till after the Masters and if you had a chance to watch it you were treated to a good one! Congrats to Sergio Garcia who broke through to win his first major!

    Just before the Masters, The US National Jr. Chip Putt and Drive contest was held featuring the top juniors across America. What a thrill it must have been for those kids to get a chance to compete at that level but also to do it at Augusta National. One of my goals this year is to once again promote junior golf in Chestermere. Last year we had a good response to my junior group lessons and I will once again be starting up those classes right after the May long weekend. Details to come in the next few weeks. What we really need in Chestermere is actual junior club members ages 13 to 18. I know that when I became a member, at my local club with 2 of my friends, at the age of 15, it was one of the great experiences of my life. I spent the next three summers, basically living at the golf course, learning and enjoying all the benefits of the game of golf.

    So why is golf so important? I covered this last year but it bears repeating especially as we get started on a new year.

    Here are my top ten reasons juniors should take up golf.

    1. Develop life long benefits. Includes making life long friends and learning a game you can play for a lifetime.
    2. Spend quality time with family. Parents have a great opportunity to provide positive feedback and encouragement to their children.
    3. Spend time outdoors. Which is a great alternative to video games and phones.
    4. Business skills. In addition to learning etiquette and the ability to play with new acquaintances, golf teaches self confidence and interpersonal skills.
    5. Anyone can play! Regardless of sex, age, size or athleticism you can learn this game.
    6. Self improvement. Young people develop the skill of self improvement by self analysis, instruction and critique.
    7. Values. Golf teaches young people how to behave towards themselves and others, imparting values such as honesty and strength during adversity.
    8. Health. Golf is an excellent game for exercise and getting fit.
    9. Controlling Emotions. In golf as in life there are achievements and disappointments. Learning to control your emotions on the golf course should hopefully carryover into everyday life.
    10. Finally, fun! Golf is fun especially when played with friends and when you see improvement and success from your efforts. There is great satisfaction in learning how to hit a ball a long way or sink a long putt!

    While reading this list, it may have occurred to you that these are also excellent reasons for anyone to take up golf! So, regardless if you are an experienced golfer or thinking of giving golf a try, there are lots of good reasons to take up the game or remind yourself why you enjoy the game so much!

    If you have any questions or suggestions, as the season goes by, please feel free to drop me an email, anytime, especially if you want more information on junior golf in Chestermere or wanting to get started yourself. I hope to see you on the course and I look forward to another great season and helping you…Play YOUR Best Golf!