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    MLA report June 7

    Hello Chestermere! Congratulations!  You own a pipeline!  That is correct, for the bargain price of $4.5 billion dollars in old infrastructure, plus (hopefully) close to $10 billion for construction costs. Remember, this is the same Federal Government that has spent $1.2 Billion dollars on a pay system that doesn’t work. The Auditor general has called their project oversight “An Incomprehensible Failure” (Canadian Press, May 29, 2018). Now we are supposed to trust them to manage a complex construction project for their quoted costs. And oh yes, those mischievous eco-activists along with the BC anti-oil activist government will continue on their path to hurt Canadians and put up barriers as there is no new information as to how the Canadian government will get our product to tidewater.  Also, the icing on the cake is that the Executives of Kinder Morgan Ian Anderson and David Safari have been offered $1.5 million in bonuses?  This was offered as a retention bonus.  I can’t say that I blame these executives for wanting assurances, but it just shows the nature of the boondoggle unfolding in front of our eyes.    Please write to the Prime Minister, and get your kids and your family involved.  This is their future, their roads, hospitals and schools we are talking about here.  A pipeline is our prosperity and we have several governments in this country that would rather see you suffer to promote their ideology over your well being!  It has got to stop.  Canadian oil and gas is ethical oil and gas.  Canadian Oil and Gas is recovered with the highest environmental regulations in the world. 

    Energy demand is growing and if you want ethical clean oil you want Alberta oil. We have to fight for our standard of living, and equally important, to be able to compete globally, and get to tide water to get fair market value for our products.  Your tax dollars are being used to purchase a pipeline that until 2 months ago would have been built by the private sector at no cost to you.  We are told the initial Federal offer was to indemnify the pipeline against politically-motivated delays that the Federal Government was not willing to put to an end.  (Karina Roman CBC News June 1, 2018). Morneau went on to say that other investors would be interested.  Well, Kinder Morgan called the project an unquantifiable risk.

    The Trans Mountain Pipeline was already approved by the BC government and the Federal Cabinet last year, and somehow the Federal government believes that there will be investor interest.  The Federal Government knew that Kinder Morgan just wanted to be done with this pipeline, as the investment was “untenable”.  So far we have seen no potential investors.  The whole reason Kinder Morgan suspended all non-essential spending on the pipeline was to give Alberta and BC time to get rid of the roadblocks.  That should be our first priority.  The government was not interested in using its ability to make this decision on behalf of the federation before, so let’s hope as they spend our hard earned tax dollars on this pipeline, that they can actually get it built.  Now the question should be, when is the tanker ban going to end, and who is going to build the terminals for us to store the resources?  We are losing investment so fast, and as Jason Kenney points out, there is a big red X over our province as far as investment goes.  It is fascinating, at least to me, how fast our world changes around us.  I know that sounds strange, as we all know that.  We notice that our loved ones grow up, graduate, get married, have children, and we have dear family members and friends pass on leaving behind memories and hopefully books of pictures that will give our future generations insight into who we were, and why we did what we did.  I genuinely want to understand what this snapshot in time in Alberta will look like to us in a few years.  I wonder how often governments that are in power look at their recent history, as a snap shot and I wonder if they are able to recognize that puzzle they have created and their attempts to put all the broken pieces back together do not add up, and sometimes cause significant grief not only to the magnificent people of this province during their time in power, but moreover to future generations.  My assumption is that every person who has been elected has good intentions, myself included.  The question is for me: Every day, can I look at my family and my communities and know that I tried to do what was in their best interests.

    As we come into June, and as the new moon appears, we will see our Islamic friends coming out of a month of fasting to the Eid Al Fitr holiday at the end of Ramadan.  The festival of fast breaking is shared with the community and the families will often donate food to the poor, give gifts and do family and community celebrations. 1 billion people around the world celebrate this festival, and please check out the local events for shared community events coming up in Chestermere.  This is an amazing way to get to know your neighbours, share in some amazing food, and learn about the wonderful cultural diversity that is very present in Chestermere.

    When the next election is called you will be voting in the new Constituency of Chestermere-Strathmore. It is the greatest honour of my life to serve as your representative in Chestermere – Rocky View and I am running for the nomination as the United Conservative Party (UCP) Candidate in Chestermere-Strathmore. Remember, you MUST be a UCP member to participate in this process. Membership is only $10 and is open to youth 14 years and over!

    Here are some important events where you can join the UCP, meet me and my team, and get energized. Current UCP members are welcome of course!

    Sunday June 10, 2-4 PM in Langdon at the Firehouse Pub and Grill (I will be there at 3:30 following a family event)

    Monday June 11, 6-8 PM in Strathmore at the Legion, 230 2ND Avenue

    Tuesday, June 12, 6-8 PM in Chestermere at the Dockside Pub at Chestermere Landing.

    Save these dates. If you cannot attend any of our meetings to join the UCP please call 587-429-6465, email VoteLeela@gmail.com, or visit www.VoteLeela.com to join. We will be happy to come to you and will ensure that your membership is in place for the following event:

    Thursday, June 14, 7 PM (UCP Members ONLY). 7 PM at the Strathmore Legion. This is the Founding General Meeting to elect the Board of the new Chestermere – Strathmore UCP Constituency Association. These are the volunteer folks that will work for a UCP victory and support the candidate.

    After this, the Nomination Vote will be called. I hope to meet you at your door in the near future and ask for your support.