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  • Life through Finn’s eyes (part 2)


    Today began differently from what it normally does with mom getting up really early: so early it was still dark! I decided to sleep on in my crate as dad hadn’t stirred and it’s his face I lick in the morning, not mom’s. When I finally decide to get up, but only after I’ve said a licky hello to dad, mom throws a wrench into my routine by telling me she’s taking me for a walk, not dad. Has the world gone crazy? So we head off to Elliston Park where I can meet my friends and maybe chase some magpies: Mom won’t let me chase ducks: and definitely not on the lake this time. I think I’ve learnt my lesson with that one!

    Now we’re back home, it’s time for breakfast. I have “Now fresh” turkey, salmon and duck kibble which dad buys from the nice people at Pet Planet. I’ve had this since I was a puppy. Sometimes I get bored with the same food so mom will treat me to boiled chicken and rice, but today it’s kibble which I eat quickly just in case another dog shows up and steals it from me. I like my cousin Porsha when she visits but she eats my food as well as her own, so better safe than sorry just in case she visits today.

    Mornings are pretty quiet for me but that’s ok as I need a nap after my walk. Sometimes I visit my friend Amanda at The Pampered Pooch Parlour and she gives me a bath and cuts my hair. I love seeing Amanda and I know which house to go to: I’m pretty clever like that! My hair grows real quick so I went to see Amanda this week: when I looked in the mirror there was a strange dog looking back at me. I think I recognize him from the off-leash park.

    Talking of the off-leash park, dad took me there today. There were lots of men digging holes and riding on funny machines that made a lot of noise so I barked at them to keep quiet: they ignored me, how rude! I have lots of friends at the off-leash park: Stevie, Simba, Charlie, Murphy and Bella are my best friends. Charlie runs very fast so I can’t keep up with him but the others run slower so that’s ok. When I’m at the off-leash park I like to paddle in the lake even though it’s still very cold. There’s also some great smells to roll in, particularly when I find a dead fish or a bird’s nest. For some reason dad doesn’t like the smells and sometimes he puts me in the bath when we get home from the park. Good job I like baths!

    I love sitting on people’s laps so, as soon as dad sits on the couch, I claim my rightful place. He never complains so I think he likes it too.

    Well I’ve had my supper (kibble again!) so it’s time for a quick play with dad, then a nap before bedtime. Wonder what I’ll dream about tonight?