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  • Life through Finn’s eyes


    Hi, my name is Finn and I’m a 5 year old Labradoodle. I live with dad (Steve) and mom (Marilyn) here in Chestermere. I’m not in the therapy dog program yet but I’m hoping to graduate this year!

    At nights I sleep in my crate in my mom and dad’s bedroom which I like as I’m nice and close to them. I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning as my body clock always tells me when it’s 7 o’clock, although I do sometimes wake earlier if I need to go pee. Dad normally lets me out of my crate and I jump on the bed so I can snuggle with dad. I have to make sure I lick him every morning so I can taste the salt on his face and neck. Even though dad puts my food in my bowl for breakfast, I don’t normally eat it until after we get back from our morning walk. Once dad’s finished reading in bed and I’ve had a snooze lying across his chest, he finally gets up, gets dressed and off we go to the off leash area where I can sniff and catch up on all the pee mail that other dogs have left for me. I also see my friends there although I’m not too interested in playing with all of them. One of the ladies that we see most days always gives me treats when I sit properly. I’m very good at sitting!

    When we get back from the dog park I either eat my breakfast or have a nap as it’s quite tiring running around with other dogs and catching up to dad. I didn’t eat my breakfast today as I stole several slices of bread pudding last night when mom and dad went out, so I’m not hungry yet.

    My main job at home is to make sure no squirrels or birds stay in our back yard. If I see them, I make sure they know they’re not welcome and chase them away: I haven’t caught one yet which surprises me as I can run quite fast! I was chasing some geese at Elliston Park recently and fell through the ice. After I’d been swimming in the water for about 40 minutes some nice men paddled out and scooped me out of the water. I was very grateful because I was getting very cold but I went to see a vet and I feel good now.

    At about 2:30 in the afternoons I remind mom it’s time to go for another walk. I always help her by carrying my leash in my mouth. When it’s cold we normally go to a dog park so I can play in the snow which I love to do.

    After I’ve had my supper, I always like to play for a bit: my favourite toys are Mr. Squelch, because he makes a funny noise, and my ring which is great for playing tug and fetch.

    It must be 9 o’clock as I’m feeling tired. I’ll just have a nap on the couch next to dad before we all go to bed.

    Goodnight! I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight.