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  • MLA report June 6

    Hello Chestermere! I would like to draw your attention to a great article by Franco Terrazzano, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, in the June 3 Calgary Herald ( https://calgaryherald.com/opinion/columnists/opinion-quebec-feels-albertas-pain-so-why-keep-blocking-pipelines )
    As you know, Quebec generates huge quantities of hydro electricity, receiving about $15 Billion dollars from exporting about 200 Terawatt/Hours. However, they could export more but are constrained by a lack of electricity “pipelines” (transmission lines) and must leave a large amount of power “behind the dam”. Quebec’s attempts to build new transmission lines are being delayed or stopped by fierce environmental lobbying. Does this sound familiar? What is interesting is that this is Hydro-Electricity, a so-called “green solution” (after you flood thousands of acres of land), but what is never spoken about is the environmental cost of transmission.  We are able to flip on our light switches and turn on our TV’s without even a thought because of those transmission lines that bring electricity to our homes.  The interesting point that Mr. Terrazzano makes is that Quebec is being treated by the Americans the same way they have treated Alberta with respect to pipelines.  It’s ironic isn’t it?  Do you remember the comment that Premier Legault made just a few short months ago?
    “There is no social acceptance for a pipeline that would pass through Quebec territory” said Quebec’s Premier Mr. Legault. “I am not embarrassed to refuse dirty energy while we are offering clean energy at a competitive price”. Obviously not clean enough for the people of New Hampshire.  I am proud to say that our Energy Minister Sonya Savage, and our Premier are working everyday to get Quebec on board with the Energy East pipeline.  They are building relationships and working to convince the Quebec Provincial government that we are indeed partners in confederation and that our prosperity is dependent upon strong interprovincial relationships.  Remember that we have lost billions of dollars and we will continue to lose $3.6 million everyday if pipeline obstruction continues.  How many hospitals and schools is that? In our case that’s a new High School every 9 days!  Chestermere and the Rocky View area are growing by 1000 students per year, and we are desperate for new schools.  The lack of pipelines will cost all of us these much-needed pieces of infrastructure so we must not stand down.  We must stop apologizing for our incredible natural resources and our responsible resource development.
    This past week has been very busy with the passing of Bill 1, the Carbon Tax Repeal Act.  We are honoured to say: Promise made, promise kept”.
    This past June 1 was the kick off for Pride Month.  We are super excited to be attending many events in our area and around the province. We are having a flag raising at the Legislature this Friday June the 7th, so if you happen to be in Edmonton this Friday please come and join us in the morning, by the federal building for the flag raising ceremony and join us for refreshments and live entertainment.
    I had the honour of attending the 2019 Chestermere High School Graduation (my Alma Mater, class of ’88!). Congratulations to all the Grads on this incredible milestone, and to all of your parents, families, friends, teachers, mentors, volunteers, and school administrators and support staff. Ccongratulations for all of the work, love, smiles and tears that goes into each and every one of these amazing young adults.  We are truly grateful.
    I had the honour of attending the Women Deliver conference this weekend.  This conference is so inspiring, and the pre-conference meeting on the brutality and discriminatory practice of Female Genital Mutilation was incredible.  Many people think that honour beatings, honour killings, child marriage and female genital cutting are issues that do not impact Canadians directly, but they are and we have to protect our women and girls from these terrible acts on Canadian soil.  In countries where these cultural practices have taken place for thousands of years throughout African, India and Europe, we have to deal with changing the mindset of people who carry out these practices, but in Canada we have to be able to provide safety and security to all women from these abuses.  Also, just an FYI for Seniors Week: all seniors get into all Alberta museums for free until June 8, so take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  Happy Seniors Week, and we are so happy to be able to shower our appreciation on all of our Seniors in gratitude for your incredible contributions to Alberta. I will see you this weekend at the Chestermere Seniors Wellness Expo at the Chestermere Hall.   It is also Recreation and Parks month, and I would encourage everyone to take the time to get active, and take advantage of the many activities, indoors and out. As always we love to hear from you!