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  • Witches on the Water


    On “Talk like a Pirate Day” Sunday September 19th, with great trepidation, Chestermere photographer Robert Peters (known in his secret circles as “the witch imaginer”) crept close to the misty shores of Chestermere Lake where he could not believe what saw through his Canon Lens.


    They appeared so suddenly from their coven so far away, that southwest mystica called High River. Others joined as they started their secret water dance.

    What spell were they weaving that caused so many onlookers to gather, smile, mingle, and have a good time? Thank Ye We are so appreciative to those witches who danced for us and made us smile, and to the fearless witch imaginer for catching all these likeness of them and sharing with us.

    We certainly hope to see these dancing witches alight on our waters again and bring the same Joy Blessed Be