ABP Contest Invites Albertans to “Beef Up” Summer For a Chance to Win $1,000 Prize Package


What kind of burger person are you?

Calgary, AB  – Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) has launched a contest
encouraging Albertans to “Beef Up” their Summer. The contest invites beef-lovers to declare their burger-eating style, for the chance to win a $1,000 Ultimate Summer Grilling BBQ Prize Pack.

“Whether you are a Connoisseur, a “Squisher,” a “Tipper”, or a “Stealer,” there are many ways to enjoy a juicy burger prepared with Alberta beef,” says Lindsay Roberts, Marketing and Communications Manager, ABP. “This contest invites beef lovers to declare their burger-eating style through our digital entry form for a chance to win a $1,000 prize package that includes a portable BBQ grill and an assortment of beef cuts.”

The consumer-directed contest helps to draw attention to the health benefits of making burgerloving part of summer, promoting ground beef consumption in a fun way, by asking: “What kind of burger person are you?”

Ground beef is a single ingredient, nutrient-dense whole food that has significant health benefits. It contains essential dietary nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B12, that are important to health at every stage of life, according to Canada Beef Inc. In fact, many Canadians don’t get enough of these through their diets, according to dieticians, especially when their diets contain significant amounts of highly processed foods.

All of this health news is great news for burger lovers, who can fire up the grill and squish, tip, or steal away. The entry form is now available at: win.allforthebeef.com/howdoyouburger/

“We encourage all burger-lovers to visit this website to enter and declare their burger-eating style, and are looking forward to tallying the results afterward, to report back on which styles are most popular among Albertans,” says Roberts.

About ABP: Alberta Beef Producers represents the collective interests of nearly 18,000 beef producers in the province. Run by producers, for producers, ABP is dedicated to maintaining a truly sustainable, competitive industry for the benefit of Albertans.

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