It has been a pleasure serving you

Hello Chestermere-Strathmore readers,
It has been a privilege to serve this riding. I have been to your homes, farms, and businesses, seen your kid’s productions and spoken in their classrooms. I have played music for your events and have enjoyed time with our precious seniors. My family and I have been so lucky to see every corner of this constituency and to learn and appreciate the diverse and unique people, opportunities, and challenges that have built strong and resilient communities. I have served on multiple committees and been a Minister of the Crown and the deputy leader of a party, but I am most proud to have been your MLA. I will miss the daily interactions, the conversations, and being invited to the many events that make this riding so spectacular. Thank you for allowing me to represent you.
Thank you to my incredible staff over the years for their tireless work. MLAs rely heavily on these incredible folks who do so much of the heavy lifting for our constituents, and I am grateful to all of you who served through some of the most difficult times this province has seen. You have been stoic under intense pressure, and I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you!
This last article highlights the work and dollars flowing into our community through your hard work and advocacy! These are your hard-earned tax dollars and seeing them at work in a community I love so much is wonderful. Congratulations to all who have received funding!
Grants received in the Chestermere -Strathmore riding:
Wheatland County grant for purchasing public works equipment and road construction
De Havilland Field – an Aircraft Manufacturing Facility in Wheatland County.
Wheatland County Food Bank grant for a new facility purchase.
Wheatland County received a grant for a new Firehouse in Carseland
Reconstruction of Highway 817
New Firehouse in Langdon
New school build in Langdon
EMS Expansion in Chestermere
Town of Strathmore grant for reconstruction of West Ridge Rd, intersection of Lakeside Blvd & Archie Klaiber Trail and storm water management
Strathmore Handi-Bus grant
Phyto Organix Foods Inc
WID grant for Watershed Resiliency & Restoration Program and CSMI Co-operative Stormwater Management Initiative
Alberta’s Recovery $815 Million irrigation infrastructure expansion adding over 200,000 acres for Alberta Irrigators and $430 Million to Alberta’s GDP
Rocky View County grant for replace/repair of roof on the Chestermere Recreation Centre
Rocky View grant to replace the bridge on Rainbow Road
City of Chestermere grants for park improvement, public works building upgrades /Chestermere & Area Restorative Justice program

· $72,000 to Rehabilitate the Strathmore Aquatic Centre
· $90,000 to Strathmore to replace playground equipment

· $75,000 to Strathmore to upgrade the irrigation systems at several parks and recreational areas

· $220,000 to Strathmore to install a portion of the waterline

· $90,000 to Strathmore to rehabilitate the outdoor tennis and pickleball courts

· $250,000 to Strathmore to construct an equipment storage building

· $75,000 to Strathmore to prepare engineering plans for the stormwater infrastructure

· $75,000 to Strathmore to install a columbarium

· $90,000 To Strathmore to upgrade the Strathmore Sports Centre

· $75,000 to Strathmore to purchase a water tank vehicle

· $75,000 to Strathmore to install a building automation control system at the Family Centre

· $210,000 to Strathmore to pave the parking lot at Kinsmen Park

· $525,000 to Strathmore to rehabilitate several roads

· $750,000 to Strathmore to replace waterlines and wastewater lines along Willow Drive

· $150,000 to Strathmore to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant computer systems

· $85,000 to Strathmore to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant

$12,592.72 to the Town of Strathmore for the 2022/23 Fire Services.

$245,402.64 to the Town of Strathmore for Wastewater Treatment Plant – Upgrade

$237,000 CCBF to Chestermere to upgrade 1.6 km of Rainbow Road

$30,000 for a one-year term – Alberta Community Restorative Justice Grant to the Synergy Youth and Community Development Society

$260,000 to Wheatland County for the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program – for the Wheatland Riparian Crossing Project

$315,908 – 2023 Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program
County of Wheatland – Culvert Replacement

$180,000 to the Western Irrigation District, Natural Hydrology Restoration Project.

School Funding
design funding for Chestermere, Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School Division – a new K-9 school.

School Planning Program funding for Strathmore, Golden Hills School Division to replace Westmount School.

Pre-Planning Program funding for the Chestermere – Rocky View School Division – new K-9 School

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About the author

Leela Aheer

Leela Aheer

Leela Aheer was elected to the Alberta Legislature in the riding of Chestermere-Rocky View. She currently resides in Chestermere and looks forward to using her roots in the community along with her experience in business, and her passion for her community to effectively advocate for her constituents in the Alberta Legislature.

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