Author - Preston Pouteaux

Preston PouteauxPreston is a pastor at Lake Ridge Community Church in Chestermere and experiments mostly in the intersection of faith and neighbourhood. Into the Neighbourhood explores how we all contribute to creating a healthy and vibrant community. Preston is also a beekeeper; a reminder that small things make a big difference.

Columnists - Preston Pouteaux

When There’s Chaos, Plant a Garden

I sat with Kyle Church at a retreat centre in BC and we were looking out over the glassy water and misty morning unfolding on Kootenay Lake. I was preparing...

Columnists - Preston Pouteaux

Dr. Preston Pouteaux

Author Brant Hansen says, “In this culture, if you live a restful life, you’ll freak people out.” He says that his neighbours must look at him oddly when they...

Columnists - Preston Pouteaux

In the Heart

Matters of the heart cannot be changed by legislation, medication, or even incarceration. No bylaw, wealth, government, or contract can make a person’s heart...

Columnists - Preston Pouteaux

Making Neighbours

The older I get the more I appreciate those things that I cannot buy. Time spent with family, creating a garden, or gathering with my community: these are not...

Columnists - Preston Pouteaux

The Legend of the Leatherman

Like clock-work the Old Leatherman would come up the road. Kids would run out to meet him, and mothers would pack him a sandwich for his long and unending...

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