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2012…Year of the Rose?

2011 was certainly a year to remember. Our constituency continued its amazing growth, we had an outpouring of volunteerism and generosity to help deal with the...

Columnists - Rob Anderson

My Christmas Challenge to You

Anita and I had the opportunity this Christmas season to attend Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” at Theatre Calgary. Although I’ve...

Columnists - Rob Anderson

Some Common Sense on Drunk Driving

Impaired driving is a societal scourge that cuts off lives prematurely and devastates families. I do not know anyone, no matter what their political leanings...

Columnists - Rob Anderson

PC Tax Hikes Unnecessary

Over the last week, the Redford government has been floating a variety of trial balloons that have one common theme – tax hikes in order to curb our...

Columnists - Rob Anderson

Why is Redford Breaking Her Promises?

There are 3 kinds of politicians. Those that keep their promises, those with hidden agendas, and promise breakers. The first and most unique kind of politician...

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