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    • June 13, 2019

      Celebrating Seniors during Chestermere’s annual Seniors Week * Lakefront property owners are currently seeing a tax increase based on latest assessment * Prairie Waters Elementary School encourages curiosity through annual PYP Exhibition * Chestermere skaters were able to showcase their skills to the community during the annual Ice Show * Seniors showcasing their ukulele skills with try-it-out workshop * East Lake grade four students rally against single-use plastic and over packaging * Chestermere Food Bank collected over 500 lbs of food during Spring Food Drive * The Kite; A Rosebud Theatre Review

    • June 05, 2019

      2019 Chestermere High School Graduation Keepsake

    • June 06, 2019

      Annual Family Fun Fair gives the Chestermere community an opportunity to spend time together * Girls and boys met their favourite princesses during the third annual Belle’s Tea Party * Students at East Lake School participate in a 24-hour Basketball-A-Thon * Police Briefs *Council carries motion for residents to take a greater responsibility for waste they produce * Students at Rainbow Creek Elementary School bedazzle parents with Spring musical * Running to help support the public library * Taken by Sanity’s first live performance of the year will be unlike what fans have seen before *

    • May 30, 2019

      Life Jacket loaner station open for summer * Fox families at risk with increased human interest * ATB’s updated Alberta Economic Outlook predicts GDP growth of 0.7 per cent * The Calgary Yacht Club Masters group spent two days on the water preparing for the upcoming season * Chestermere’s Rural Community Garden underway * Township 24 Brewery is excited to bring home the bronze for an Amber or Dark Lager

    • May 23, 2019

      Sailors from all over Alberta are expected to use Chestermere Lake to train throughout the weekend * Athletes participate in the final high school rodeo before competing against the rest of province * Two local students researched and developed a wearable device to detect impairment and fatigue * The recent change of ownership of the Dockside Bar and Grill gave previous owners an opportunity to add businesses opportunities within community * Artist attributes those around her to her love for art * 9th Annual “Markus Lavallee” SGA Cup