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  • New Candidate – Patricia Matthews

    It was the southeast gas plant proposal that got Matthews interested in local politics. She was involved in the objection to the plant and was delighted to see that it was eventually scrapped.

    She has been a resident of the cove since 1998 with her husband Ian, runs a technology business in Calgary, although she does not work full time. She has two little girls, one in kindergarten at Prairie Waters, and a two year old at home.

    She cites improvement management of the town as her reason for running. Her biggest concern is responsible growth, stating that the infrastructure must keep pace with development. She is a strong supporter of local business and would like to see more public services such as a library.

    A particularly good aspect of the town is the close knit feeling that comes from such community events such as Waterfest and Winterfest where the residents get an opportunity to get together. She believes in promoting the Lake community and keeping the streets attractive.

    “I’ve had a variety of experiences in the business field and thought it would be good to have a go at politics,” she said.