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  • Three Reasons Why You Aren’t Progressing

    If you’ve been religiously hitting the gym and putting in a full effort yet are still not seeing the results that you had hoped you would be, it’s important that you take a look at what might be going on that’s preventing you from making the type of progress that you’re looking for.
    The sad fact is that many people do make a few key mistakes in their workout approach that really end up costing them big as far as long term results go and unless they’re able to pinpoint these mistakes and start making changes, they’re just going to waste more and more time in the gym.
    Let’s walk you through three of the top reasons why you might not be progressing in the gym right now so you can see for yourself exactly what you must be doing to get back on track.
    You Haven’t Changed Your Workout In Months
    The first reason why you may be failing to make progress in the gym is simply because you aren’t challenging the body any further.
    Remember, if you want to continue to see progress, you must continue to do something to tax the muscles. If you’re just doing the same workout over and over again, the muscles have already gotten used to that workout and aren’t really going to see a need to continually keep changing.
    Do something different next time you’re in the gym. Try a new exercise, work in a different rep range, or switch the order of the exercises that you’re performing.
    That can evoke the change that’s needed to get you seeing faster progress again.
    You Don’t Have Focus
    The second reason why you might not be seeing success in the gym is if you’re simply not focused. Ask yourself, do you go into the gym and just go through the actions? Sure, you might be focused enough to make sure that you’re maintaining proper form, but are you so focused that you’re thinking about each and every muscle contraction as it takes place?
    If you aren’t, that’s your mistake.
    Next time you’re in the gym, really focus on what the specific muscle you’re trying to work is doing. Picture it squeezing and relaxing as you perform each rep.
    It’s this type of focus that will really increase the intensity of the workout and bring you far superior results.
    You Aren’t Recovering
    Finally, the last reason you might not be making the progress you’re looking for in the gym is if you aren’t recovering.
    Remember, the muscles grow stronger and larger when they’re at rest. When you’re in the gym, you’re actually making them weaker because you’re breaking them down.
    If you aren’t giving your body that down time to recover, it’s never going to grow stronger and thus you won’t see the progress that you’re after.
    Start making sure that you are providing ample time for recovery purposes and you’ll be far better off.
    So there you have three simple reasons that could be standing in your way of progress. Are any of these influencing you?