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  • A New Home for a Community Garden

    Vegetables will be sprouting in the freshly tilled soil in the new home of the Chestermere and South East Rocky Views Community Garden. Residents can join hands and a plot of land, growing their own vegetables for their families. The idea was sparked when Devonna Nagy made the suggestion and donation of her land for the communities with young families and single mothers in mind. It is an ideal location, just a short distance from Chestermere and close to an irrigation system.
    Not only will people be growing food, relationships will be growing and so will the community. Community gardens bring together people from all walks of life, all levels of income, people from all backgrounds and all ages through a common interest. They encourage people to share their skills, knowledge and tools, and people start to develop networks of support.
    Community gardens also benefit the individual. It is therapy in a way as it helps people heal both physically and emotionally. It is terrific exercise, reduces stress and can improve overall physical and mental health. Gardening is a great outlet to those who are creative. Creativity can flow through planning, designing and maintaining the plants. There is also the satisfaction of being able to grow your own food to provide for your family.
    If you are interested in becoming part of the community garden, please call 403-207-7060 or email crcinfo@chestermere.ca. There will be a nominal fee to join, however subsidy is available for those who qualify. We are accepting donations of plants, seeds and tools.