Canada Day greeting from MLA

Hello and Happy Canada Day. Here’s hoping this finds you and your family happy, healthy and enjoying the summer. If only the weather would cooperate for a long stretch! It’s a great privilege for me to send a Canada Day greeting as your MLA.
Canada Day has always been one of my favourite holidays. It’s a time when we can and should celebrate the fact that we live in such a great nation. As our anthem says “The True North STRONG and FREE!”
I always try and remember our Veterans on Canada Day. It is because of their sacrifice that we live in such a great country. If you know somebody who has served or is serving, give thank them on our Nation’s birthday.
Another reason I love this holiday so much is it’s a day of unity, when regardless of our politics or religion, we can all come together and celebrate. Canada Day is also a day to reflect on and be grateful for the inclusive nature of our country. It is also a time, particularly as we view unrest in many areas of the globe, to celebrate FREEDOM. I plan on celebrating with my family in Chestermere, (where I’ll be cutting our birthday cake with Mayor Matthews), and also in Redwood Meadows, where I’m honored to be presenting Provincial service medals to their super committed volunteer firefighters. Whatever you and your family do, do it with pride knowing we live in the greatest country in the world. :Happy Canada Day.

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