Healthy Choices To Make Over The Christmas Holidays

As you go about the holiday season, there’s no question that you’re going to be going to a number of different holiday events, all of which may place some strain on your diet plan.
If you’re trying to maintain your weight this holiday – which most people will be doing so that they can avoid having the typical New Year’s resolution of shedding the 10 pounds they’ve gained, you need to be choosing wisely.
While there’s no reason to avoid indulging completely, you definitely need to choose your indulgences carefully so that you can stay on track.
Let’s have a look at some of the healthiest choices that you can make over the holiday season so you know precisely what to load up on your plate.
Shrimp And Cocktail Sauce
When it comes to appetizers, you really can’t get lower in calories than shrimp and cocktail sauce. This is a completely fat free snack and the shrimp won’t contain any carbs either.
Best of all, you’ll get a great hit of protein which will help to keep your hunger levels down so you’re not as tempted to go in for the higher calorie goodies as the night progresses along.
Raw Veggies And Hummus
Another great snack to indulge in as you attend social functions is raw veggies and hummus. Most people will set out a veggie tray for the conscious eaters out there and hummus is rich in healthy fats and fiber, so will be a good choice to dip them in.
Choose this over other higher calorie creamy dips that contain far too much saturated fat to be considered healthy.
Pita Chips And Salsa
Pita chips also tend to be a relatively safe option when at parties if you do feel you need something crunchy to snack on and raw veggies aren’t doing it for you.
Pita chips will contain fewer calories than regular style chips and the salsa is a great antioxidant packed dip options.
Just be sure that you are watching how many of these that you consume as the calories will add up.
Limit yourself to just 10 chips or so and you’ll keep the calorie intake of this choice to just around 200 total.
Sparkling Wine
On the alcohol side of things, skipping alcohol will always be your best bet as it’s simply extra calories that you really don’t need and will weaken your willpower to avoid the foods that you shouldn’t be eating.
That said, some people will still want to indulge, so if that describes you, it’s time to get smart in how you do so.
Going with sparkling wine will be your best bet here or some other clear liquor with soda water. These will still contain the alcohol calories, but they don’t have the high calorie, high sugar mixers added in that some other beverages contain.
So there you have the top things that you should note about choosing healthy this holiday season. If you can make sure to watch your food choices and focus on the company rather than the food, you should be able to maintain your bodyweight through to New Years.


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