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If you’re just getting started with a new workout routine, you may be asking yourself which form of exercise you should be focusing on. Should you turn all your attention towards weight training? Or is it cardio that’s best to focus on?
Some people believe that they should do cardio first and once the fat is off, then proceed to do weight lifting but is that the right way to go?
Let’s look at what you need to know so that you can get this straight in your mind once and for all.
The Well Balanced Approach
When it comes to long term results from your fitness program, the truth to this question is that for best possible results, you should be focused on both weight lifting as well as cardio training in your overall workout plan.
Those who are strictly focused on one or the other are missing out on a number of key benefits that each form provides.
Cardio training is going to be excellent for keeping your heart health and ensuring that you have the muscular endurance necessary to perform those intense weight lifting workouts and then those weight sessions will be great for reshaping your body and adding functional muscular strength.
Often those who focus on one to the exclusion of the other don’t perform as well at that chosen activity simply because each form tends to benefit the other.
If you aren’t doing cardio training, you’ll be heavily winded after doing a set of walking lunges, while if you don’t do your weight training, you may not be able to perform at the intensity level you could be during that cardio session.
Keeping Boredom At Bay
Another big reason why a combination of both types of exercises generally produces the best results is because it’s going to really help to keep boredom at bay.
If you’re performing the same old workout routine over and over again, there’s no enough variety to keep you interested for the long haul.
When you alternate between cardio and weight lifting however, you’ll be sure to stay more interested as things are changing on a day to day basis.
Staying committed to your workout program is one of the top factors for achieving success, so this can’t be stated enough.
Revving Your Metabolic Engine
Finally, the last clear benefit that adding both forms of exercise has for those seeking weight loss results is that this will give you the best total calorie burn and metabolic boosting benefits.
Higher intensity cardio training sessions tend to be best for increasing the total calorie burn from the actual workout session, but weight training sessions tend to be best for increasing your long term metabolic rate.
This combination together will prove to be absolutely unbeatable as far as fat loss is concerned and will really offer you clear benefits that you should be taking advantage of.
So next time you’re in the gym, making sure that you’re getting in both cardio training and weight lifting. There’s no right or wrong exercise to perform here – they both offer clear benefits that will help you progress further towards your goals.


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