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  • Ask God to take charge and lead us

    For the next 6 months Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be in your living rooms and bedrooms almost on a daily basis. America is in election mode, even though the election is still more than 7 months away and the inauguration of a new president is 9 months in the offing.
    At the time of this writing both candidates look like they will carry their party’s banner into the election, but things could change. Assuming they don’t change, you can expect several debates, Trump versus Clinton. They’ll call one another names, shame one another, discredit one another, use terms like ‘Liar’ ‘Dreamer’ ‘Phoney’ and try to convince everyone that their opponent is unworthy of being president. You’ll hear titles like Evangelicals,the Moral Majority, as both candidates will try to appeal to the God fearing segment of the population.
    I wish that all candidates down there and in this wonderful country of ours would be God fearing candidates who would quote scripture and tell folks that they would govern according to God’s rules. The Psalmist wrote “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” Psalm 33:12. How sad that we have come to an era where a candidate who is open about his faith is questioned about his tolerance and sense of fair play.
    In my lifetime Christian men and women have gone from being shining examples of citizenship to being labelled as intolerant, bigoted, narrow minded and untrustworthy. I seriously doubt that someone like Bill Aberhardt or Ernest Manning could be elected today.
    It was at the end of the second World war that the United Nations was formed and when the U N drew up it’s charter it was decided that they would not invoke a Higher Power. The world decided back in the mid 1940s that from that point on we would go it alone. From that point on we would run our own affairs and “Please, God, would you mind leaving us alone.” Well here we are 70 years later and how have we done without Him? We have ISIS carrying out terrorist activities, Iran is toying with nuclear power all the while threatening to use it against Israel, North Korea is sabre rattling . I think it’s time we ask God to take charge of our world and lead us, but that won’t happen until a politician makes that his platform and until a populace elects him. Pessimistically, I don’t see that happening soon. I long for a world that will be in obedience to God.
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