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  • Rocky View County Report April

    In less than a few weeks, on May 10th, the Langdon Area Structure Plan will be back to Council. My instructions to Rocky View Administration was to re-open the Public Hearing for the purpose of receiving information on the following issues:
    1. Storm water Management,
    2. Phosphorous loading of Weed Lake,
    3. Off-Site Levy Structure,
    4. Regional Storm water systems,
    5. Transportation,
    With respect to both the Area Structure Plan boundaries and study area.
    The reason I made that motion was because it was unclear on how these matters should or could be dealt with in the areas in question. I expect to hear Administrations position on these matters as well as any other interested people. The information available is either contradictory or requires more explanation.

    I have noticed that other than a few with very strong opinions, the general public has not come out in very high numbers to comment. I don’t take that as a vote, for or against, an endorsement or an opposition to the plan that has been presented. It seems to me that the people in Langdon in general have busy lives and are either content with the way things are or trust that their local Government is doing ok and will make good decisions on their behalf.
    If you want me to know something or if you want to ask something, by all means I am available. If you want to send in any input to administration you can certainly do that, right up to the public hearing day, I will make a motion at Council to accept any information whether it was on time or not, I haven’t ever seen a motion like that defeated so I will assume it will be supported. The email for that is development@rockyview.ca , you can view the information at www.rockyview.ca and search Langdon to get to the page that has all the information. Be as involved as you want to be, let me know if you have any questions.

    I have also noticed that there are some out there who, for whatever reason, would like the ASP to be about population only, I don’t see it that way. Our population here has grown at quite an amazing rate, I believe it is because Langdon offers something a little different than other places. The basics are the larger lots and the lower prices but it is more than that. It is also the sense of neighborhood and the rural feel, the lack of the big city hustle and bustle. I don’t think we would lose that if we welcome more to join us, so long as we make sure Development continues to follow a similar design and form. The sun at your back in the morning and at night is kind of nice, I would like to see a few more road options to keep traffic down a bit, I want to see Stormwater managed a little better, but we are doing quite well, all in all. Langdon has grown at a rate of slightly over 50 homes per year, it will most likely continue at that pace or somewhere near. Even if it doubles, 100 per year is not overwhelming. When the future projects come in they need to be approved, no matter what the ASP ends up being, there is ample opportunity to continue to have input in how our community looks and grows, once again, be as involved as you like, it makes a difference.