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    Fundamentals of the good golf swing


    We are now entering the last part of the golf season and I thought I would reemphasize one of the most important moves or basic fundamentals of the golf swing to help you end the year with some of your best golf. If you have been watching the Fed EX playoffs, and you should be, we have been treated to some great golf and drama especially on week one when Dustin Johnson beat Jordan Speith in a playoff.

    What I want to focus on this week is Jordan Speith’s practice swings. We all know Jordan is probably the best putter on the planet but he is also leading the PGA tour in proximity to the hole from the fairway. He is the best iron player right now. We also here announcers say Jordan isn’t that long off the tee but Jordan is plenty long, sneaky long as we say. So what makes Jordan so accurate with his irons and giving him his length? I believe it is his follow through and the extension of his right arm through the ball.

    This weekend, pvr the golf (almost a must with all the commercials) and watch the best players in the world try to win the $10 million dollar top prize for the Fed Ex Cup. Especially pay attention to Jordan Speith, who will be in the mix for sure and watch his practice swings. Jordan’s preshot routine involves swinging the club back and forth many times but he only takes it back part way and follows through part way. However, in doing this move he makes sure his left arm is straight going back but more importantly his right arm is straight going through. He makes many of these practice swings with little wrist break but very straight arms. This rehearsing of a straight right arm on the follow through is why he hits it straight and long and he repeats it over and over so that he repeats and feels this move on his real swing. These practice swings also keeps him relaxed and loose which is also key to making good golf swings.

    As you watch Jordan this weekend watch his practice routine and try to copy his straight arm practice swings. You will also see many other top players rehearsing their swings just like Jordan but I think Jordan illustrates it best. Jordan tends to be a little slow and deliberate as he gets ready to hit but try to put his practice swings into your preshot routine in a timely manner.

    Hopefully we still get another six or seven weeks of golf and if you can incorporate Jordan’s practice swing into these next few weeks, I guarantee you will start to hit longer straighter shots. Chances are you won’t hit it as good as world #2 Jordan Speith but hopefully you will see a big improvement and be on your way to playing YOUR best golf!